R17’s Holiday Wish List

November 22, 2010


Hey Guys, R17 here just wanted to give you guys my upcoming games that I am personally looking forward to next month and also for January 2011.

First up, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood just released this week.  It is a favorite franchise of mine and even though I don’t own it as of yet, it is without a doubt a must buy for fans of the series.

Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii is another game that I personally am excited for mainly because of its throw back to the old school days of SNES DK series.  This game is combining 3D Character graphics with 2D Backgrounds making a fresh new look to a classic.

Next up is the Super Mario Collection for the Wii, due out December 12th in America.  It is already picking up notoriety for its limited quantity at sale and supposedly will not stay long on shelves.  My advise for any Mario fans out there is to pick it up in the first week if not day one.   For $29.99 you are getting a great value of all the original Mario games from the Nintendo days also a rare art booklet and history.

And lastly, on January 25th 2011, I will shut off the outside world as I become engrossed in one of my favorite games and franchises, Dead Space 2.  I will not go into any synopsis or description of the game at this point because I plan on doing a full article and page on my favorite franchises of all time.  Please feel free to comment, message, disagree, agree…whatever you guys want.   Until then R17 Here saying peace out guys.


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