Why the PSP-GO is Better than the PSP-3000

January 27, 2011

Unpopular Opinion

1) Sleeker Design

The PSP has always had a nice design, but the PSP GO is by far the more stylish of the two. Its aerodynamic shape makes the portable device much sleeker in comparison to the 3000. While the 3000 can feel bulky at times, the GO is a more compact unit, which helps make it feel like a “portable” handheld. The GO also has a nice sliding screen mechanism that makes the unit smaller and more accessible to store, especially when on the “go.” Similar to a phone and unlike the 3000, it could be placed in your pocket easily. The button configurations are also placed nicely around the unit leading to comfortable playtime, and the screen resolution is slightly crisper and brighter than its earlier model.

2) More Memory

Hands down, this is the smarter option of the two. The PSP 3000 comes with optional memory stick pro duo cards that can be purchased separately, which can get expensive. 8 GB cards can run $30-$40 depending as to where you go. Considering the 3000 model is now selling for $170, adding the cost of an SD card can get pricey. The PSP GO already gives you 16 GB of built-in memory for just $200, plus the option to upgrade with micro memory stick pro duo cards if needed. I have more than 20 games stored on my device, as well as photos and music, and I still have about 30% of my internal memory left.

3) No UMD

Many people cried fowl when they heard that the GO had no UMD support, but I say, who needs it? Most of the UMD games aren’t very good, and some have already been transferred digitally to the Playstation Store. Besides, when the PSP GO came out, that was when we started seeing Minis, which are a collection of mini games similar to apps. The purpose of a portable handheld is to have quick game play interactions when you are away from your console. Minis provide a great way to experience fun, interactive gaming for a fraction of the cost. Also, while UMD discs suffer from lengthy load times, downloadable games do not, and are simple to add to your GO. Simply connect the device to your PS3 using the provided USB cable, and copy the game to your GO. The great thing about the GO is that you don’t need to lug your collection of UMD’s every time you go out, because all of your games are stored on one device, making it a superior portable unit

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