“Project Dark” Revealed as “Dark Souls”

February 1, 2011


In E3 2010, Atlus revealed that they were working on “Project Dark”, a spiritual successor to the 2009 hit game, Demon’s Souls.  “Project Dark” has now been revealed as “Dark Souls” along with a few details.  First off, Dark Souls is not a sequel to Demon’s Souls.  However, it will carry many of the gameplay elements that made Demon’s Souls a big hit.  Here are all the details that were revealed as of now…

-The amount of field exploration has been increased dramatically.

-Everything you see in the game is a part of the environment you can seamlessly go to.  Even if it’s a fortress or castle that’s far in the distance, you can eventually make it there.

-There is no map display, just a position display marker.

-The game is aiming to be the same difficulty as Demon’s Souls, if not harder.

-Gameplay will be similar to Demon’s Souls, it’s about trial and error and learning about your mistakes so that you can do better each time you play.

-The game will have a completely new world and story, nothing from Demon’s Souls will be mentioned since it is not a direct sequel.

-It will not have 5 worlds connected through a Nexus (the HUB in Demon’s Souls).  All the maps will be seamlessly be connected through the world itself.  It’s all about exploration and discovering locations, which then leads to the dungeons and other interiors you will partake missions in.

-Level designs will be more complex utilizing a more vertical approach.

-Character creation will not be class based allowing for more freedom this time.

-There will be many more spells and items, which will also lend to more animations and uniqueness in weapons.

-The online components will be essentially the same as Demon’s Souls, meaning there’s coop and PvP (Player vs Player).

-You can still leave messages for other players in the “world” to see as well as seeing how people died in certain areas.

-No Soul Tendency to worry about this time so that the developers don’t have to go crazy handling the servers with that.

For those of you who have a PS3, definitely check out Demon’s Souls if you haven’t.  While the difficulty is only for those who are dedicated, it’s still a game that should be experienced for it’s original concepts.  Dark Souls will be released later this year for the PS3 and the Xbox 360.


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