SSX: Deadly Descents Details

February 14, 2011


During the VGA 2010 show, EA unveiled a teaser trailer for a long-awaited SSX game, coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Not much was known about the new game though and based on how the trailer looked, there was a lot of controversy going on about the game going a totally different route.  Well, the latest information coming from the Official Xbox Magazine was revealed and here’s the features they mentioned…

-Campaign: There are 9 deadly descents that you will complete in the game, one on each peak.  You also have full exploration again and “Live Events” which is going to be for the online events.

-Story: You will play as Jack, from the SSX corporation, sent to take on the 9 deadliest peaks around the globe.  Three of the classic SSX characters will make a return: Elise, Zoe and one other character not yet revealed.

-Rewind: A new feature to the SSX franchise will be the ability to rewind time.  However, there will be a penalty for using it, but isn’t determined what that penalty is yet.

-9 peaks, 200-300 different tracks/paths to tackle.

-You can choose any peak to descend via helicopter and choose exactly where to jump off.

-Trick System:  9 inputs have been simplified to 2.  No more will you utilize the d-pad and triggers to initiate tricks, but rather utilize both analog sticks.  Left stick will control jumps and spins, while the right stick will control the actual tricks being pulled off.

-Score System: Creative Director, Todd Batty, says that they will incorporate a unique way of building score-multipliers from the previous installments.  They aren’t going to use the large colored snowflakes because they feel it “ruins the feeling of reality”.

The game still has another 15 months of development time so there’s still a lot of work that has to be done to the game.  Based on the facts though, this new SSX is already off to an identity crisis…


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