Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review (PS3/360)

February 28, 2011

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a 2D, 3-on-3 style fighting game that has characters from the Marvel universe and Capcom universe duking it out for the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Both universes collide and have to work together to save the earth from Galactus.

Many fighting games have been released over the last two decades.  However, when Marvel vs Capcom was released in 1998, it became a huge hit amongst, not only fighting fans, but comic book fans as well.  Marvel vs Capcom 2, which released in 2000 for Dreamcast and 2002 for the PS2 and Xbox, revolutionized fighting games for many gamers out there.  Well, roughly a decade later and fans finally received Marvel vs Capcom 3…and it was worth the wait.


Gameplay: 5/5

Capcom really nailed the fighting engine for this game.  For starters, gamers who were never fond of fighting games due to complexity can stop worrying here.  MvC3 has offered two different “Operation Modes” for the control scheme, “normal” and “simple”.  The “normal” control scheme let’s the player have full control and access to each character’s move list.  The “simple” control scheme on the other hand, maps special attacks to single button presses so that even the most inexperienced player could enjoy the game with ease.  Regardless though, even the “normal” controls will allow newcomers to easily grasp combos without too much difficulty.  The option is there and is well implemented.  The fighting system itself is deep, while being simple at the same time.  It consists of 4 attack buttons: light, medium, heavy and special.  While the light, medium and heavy attacks are your basic attack buttons, the special attack will allow you to knock a player into the air.  It is at this point that you can jump up into the air to continue comboing the opponent.  However, master the air combat and you’ll be able to pull off air combos that will have you switching through you whole team, each dealing a good amount of damage.  The air fighting is what really makes gameplay stand out, allowing the whole fight to feel unrestricted.  Master the fighting system some more and you’ll be able to air combo your opponent and dish out some “hyper combos” which will obliterate your opponent.  Now the “hyper combos” return from the previous installment and what a spectacle they are to watch.  Again, with the attention to detail Capcom has done to the character’s, every character has a few different hyper combos that they can pull off, respective to that particular character.  For example, Dante will shoot up the character with his “gunslinger” style from DMC3, while Chris will utilize every weapon he has, starting with his knife and ending the combo with his rocket launcher, to Spider-Man webbing up his opponent and slinging across the screen multiple times to give them a serious beat-down.  Words won’t do it justice but they really are incredible to see in action.  Also returning from the previous installment is the “level” meter, which when filled up allows you to pull off a hyper combo.  You can increase your level meter by dealing some serious damage on the opponent or even when you take damage.  There are 5 levels that can be filled up, where some hyper combos take 1 level to use, some take 3 levels to use.  On top of that, you can pull off a “crossover combination” hyper combo if you have 3 levels full, allowing your whole team to pull off their hyper combos all at the same time.  Best part is that pulling off “crossover combinations” are as simple as pressing one button (for both normal and simple controls), you just have to fill up 3 levels of your meter.  The game offers 36 characters in total, 18 from Marvel, 18 from Capcom.  While the roster list has been cut from the 50+ characters in MvC2, all the characters here are finely tuned allowing for a much more balanced fighter than MvC2.  Every character is fun to use thanks to that special care in balance that Capcom has put into this fighter.  It’s a lot of fun to see every character in action, especially if you’re fans of those specific characters that have been included in the game.  For example, playing as Dante from Devil May Cry (the cool Dante, not the lame reject Dante for the DMC reboot coming out), you’ll notice he has virtually every move from DMC3 and are easy to pull off.  Play as Chris Redfield and you’ll notice he has all his context-sensitive actions to take out enemies incorporated in his move list, plus most of his guns.  Each character had a lot of care being recreated into this game and it’s great to see that Capcom took their time to flesh out each and every character, as opposed to just throwing them into the game with a generic feel to them.  Returning characters, such as Ryu, Spider-Man and Wolverine for example, will play very similar to how they played in MvC2, which is pretty cool since it’s gives it a nostalgic feel.  The game consists of five different game modes: Arcade, Mission, Training, Versus and Online.  The Arcade mode will have you fighting through six stages before coming across the final boss battle with Galactus.  Whichever one of your character’s delivers the final blow to Galactus, will be treated to that respective character’s comic book style ending.  Each character’s ending is interesting to see since they usually revolve around one character’s universe intertwining with another character’s universe, and it works really well.  The Mission mode will have you mastering combos for each character.  There are 10 missions to complete for each character, starting off with simple moves, then ramping up to insanely difficult, yet rewarding combos to pull off.  It’s definitely going to extend the longevity of the game for those who want to nail every mission for each character, especially if you’re trying to master the characters you have for your “team”.  The Training mode allows you to choose your team of three characters and just practice all their moves at your own pace.  The Versus mode is essentially you and your buddies going against each other offline, which is an obvious mode for any fighting game, but this is definitely an outstanding game to bust out at a party.  The Online mode is where players will be able to really test out their skills with others around the world.  The Ranked Matches will pair you up with a random player to fight for increasing their rank.  Unranked Matches allow the player to search for lobbies to join in or host.  You can have up to 8 players in a lobby, the winner stays on while the loser goes to the back of the line while others take turns going up against the winner.  You can monitor each player’s health while the match is going on, but you can’t spectate the matches which is a shame.  Online play was pretty smooth despite a few occasions of lag, nothing major though since it was rare.  Every online account also has their own “license”, which allows you to choose an icon and title for your online name to show up in lobbies and at the start of each match.  It also keeps track of how many fights you’ve done, how many you’ve won/lost, your win rate percentage, how many hyper combos you’ve pulled off, etc.  The game also keeps track of how you play and will design a pentagon chart based on your play style.  You can also form up to three “reserve units”, which is basically your best teams formed already stored for quick select when choosing your characters.  You can even check all your friend’s licenses and those you play against.  It’s a really deep, robust system and definitely enhances the experience.  It’s one of those games that you’ll get better at the more you play it without realizing it, and that’s when you know the developer’s did a great job of designing the fighting system.

Graphics: 5/5

MvC3 looks awesome…period.  The unique comic book style visuals really look outstanding and no matter how much action is happening on screen, the game stays at a solid 60 FPS.  All the character’s have fluid animations that perfectly matches each and every one of them.  The key word here is “detail” and again, that’s what Capcom has done with this game.

Sound: 4/5

The voice actor’s that portrayed these character’s before in other games/films reprise their roles here.  All the character’s will sound familiar, whether it’s from Capcom games or from Marvel animated films, fan service has definitely been served in this department.  The music is decent but nothing that really stood out during fights.  And yes, there’s a remix for that infamous “gonna take you for a ride” theme that played when you chose your team back in MvC2, but you’ll only hear this when choosing your team for training in MvC3.

Replay Value: 5/5

Whether you’re playing through the arcade to achieve everyone’s endings, to mastering the characters’ mission mode, to going against your buddies (offline or online), this is one game you will be returning to over and over.

Overall Score: 19/20 = 9.5/10

Capcom has really put a lot of effort into this game to please both Marvel and Capcom fans…and it doesn’t disappoint.  Offering a fast, responsive and intense fighting system, this is one fighting game that should not be missed.



+Outstanding fighting system

+Excellent visuals

+Great fan service



-Fighting music isn’t all that great

-No spectating while playing online

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