The Disgusting, Repulsive, Revolting Rise of Fanboyism

March 12, 2011


Cliff Bleszinski is a well known Design Director in the gaming industry for such games as the Gears of war franchise and the Unreal Tournament series, as well as many others.  In a recent article on, Cliff Bleszinkski was blasted and condemned by fans for his “tweeting” on Killzone 3.  Specifically, he was tweeting about how he had just purchased a copy of Killzone 3 and was playing it.  Fans and loyalists of Xbox bashed Cliff’s statements and his choice of buying Killzone 3 mainly because it is a PS3 Exclusive game.

First of all, I am sick and tired beyond belief over this “fanboyism” that has increased in this next-gen era.  “Fanboy” is a light term for what I call a “console extremist”.  The description of this is somebody who most likely has too much time on their hands probably between the ages 15-40 years old sadly, and there is a high chance of them being single as well, go figure.  Starting with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in 2005 and right up till now with this article, there has been over 6 years of constant bias and over angered teens and sadly adults as well.  Even more unfortunate is that this state of affairs is not limited to one side or the other, but all three next-gen systems and their supporters.  There are Xbox fanboys, Playstation Fanboys, and yes, there are Nintendo Fanboys as well.  Though mostly, we only hear of the PS3 and 360 fans.  There have been several big examples of fans becoming disgustingly and pathetically childlike when a big exclusive title becomes a multiplatform game.  The oldest incident that comes to mind in this generation for me is when Capcom decided to take Devil May Cry into the multi-platform arena.  For the first time ever, a Devil May Cry game would not just be on a PlayStation system but rather 2 systems PS3 and 360.  For almost a Month there were constant arguments and articles stating ridiculous incidents.  There were death threats to Capcom Execs, as well as reports of bomb threats at two different Capcom offices, one being their Tokyo branch.  Fans were outraged at the thought of their beloved game being developed on another console that they had grown such a hate for over the years.   And sadly, it is still unknown where this hate comes from.  Eventually in February of 2008, Devil May Cry 4 released on both the 360 and PS3…and amazingly the world kept spinning.

Other titles that caused anger and a lashing from the gaming community was Grand Theft Auto 4 becoming a multi-platform game.  Also, Bioshock and Mass Effect 2 going to the PS3 as well as a new Metal Gear installment coming to the 360 caused an uprising.  And now, this article on Mr. Bleszinski and his personal choice to purchase Killzone 3 has just reinstated the idea that fanboys need to get some grip on reality or life.  I think it is great when people, like Cliff Bleszinski, are not scared or shy to say they play games or systems that they do not normally make games for or companies they do not work for and are technically competitors.  Ted Price president of Insomniac games proudly stated in a interview in 2009 that he owns a Xbox 360 and enjoys the Gears of War franchise. Insomniac was once a 14 year Sony exclusive company known for the Ratchet, Spyro, and Resistance series and has now gone multi-platform developing games for the 360 as well.  To me, when developers state what they like to play and game on those other systems, it should be a clear signal to the extremist that it is ok to like both or just to not have hate for one side or the other.   To put it this all in perspective fanboyism has become the political debate for nerds.  The same aggressive arguments that continue over and over with Republicans and Democrats has now been nerded/geekified down to Xbox and Playstation Extremist.

In closing, I have this to say because it is my own personal opinion and belief.  I own all 3 next-gen systems because I worked hard and saved up for each of them…and I am not ashamed to have any of them.  I want to be able to play a vast variety of games that just isn’t possible having one system or sometimes even two.  Now there are others who own just one and are truly content and happy with their choice.  However there are others that own one or maybe two consoles and immensely hate the system they do not own and begin to hate the company that makes the system as well as developers that are exclusive to those companies.  We will probably never understand the true reasons as to why these select gamers become so frustrated and angry over other gaming systems and companies. The fact that none of these companies pay your rent or feed your kids has probably never dawned on any of these simple minded individuals.  Yet this obsession has become more cultish than admiring.  Bottom line is that people should just play what they enjoy and not become consumed about profit margins for companies and sales figures.  They should also not care about developer companies going multi-platform or what consoles and games they have. In 2003, George W. Bush declared a war on Terrorism, particularly Muslim extremist. Unfortunately, he left out the Fanboy extremist.  Lastly, I would hope that for the next round of systems aptly named “next next-gen”, there will be a big decrease in this pathetic and moronic debate over video game consoles that will not change our lives in any way, other than providing a past time or hobby.

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