Retro Studios Working on a New Title for “Project Cafe”

April 19, 2011


It seems that Retro Studios, the developer known for their “Metroid Prime” trilogy and their recent “Donkey Kong Country Returns”, is currently working on a new title for “Project Cafe”.  They’re being quiet on the matter but they’re stating that it’s a “project everyone wants us to do.”  They also claimed they were the very first developer to get their hands on the development kit and have been working tirelessly with their new project.

Now Retro Studios is certainly among one of the strongest (if not the strongest) developers for the Nintendo platforms.  They did an excellent job handling the Metroid Prime trilogy, and they sure did a phenomenal job with DKC Returns.  As for a “project everyone wants us to do”, it has to be a Nintendo franchise that missed a launch during this Wii era.  My bet would be it’s either Starfox, F-Zero or Kid Icarus.  However, I’m leaning more toward Starfox than the other two titles I mentioned.  Well, it’s something else we can certainly look forward to at Nintendo’s E3 conference.


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