How to Unlock Original Songs in “Mortal Kombat”

April 23, 2011


Mortal Kombat just came out this past Tuesday and I (Glacier928) discovered a little “easter egg” for you fans out there.  Dan Forden, the composer of the original MK titles, has included all his original tracks from MK 1-3 for the levels from those games.  To actually hear these songs while fighting, when you’re at the character select screen, press triangle (PS3) or Y (360) to choose an arena.  When you choose a specific arena from the original games, press “start” and you’ll hear Shao Kahn laugh meaning you discovered a secret.  When the stage begins, you’ll hear the original music corresponding to that stage playing instead of the new music composed.  An awesome easter egg for you MK fans out there!

Here’s the list of stages it works on:

-The Courtyard

-The Deadpool

-The Armory

-The Streets

-The Tower

-The Subway

-Soul Chamber

-Rooftop Day

-The Temple

-The Wastelands

-The Living Forest

-Khan’s Coliseum

-Goro’s Lair

-Shang Tsung’s Throne


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