Shinobi’s Back…in 3D

May 24, 2011


For those of us who gamed in the days of the SEGA Genesis, we may remember specific titles called “Revenge of the Shinobi” and “Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master”.  They were excellent platformers (“Shinobi III” in particular was exceptionally great) and dropped off the radar until the PS2 era, where a new installment in the franchise was released, aptly named “Shinobi”.  For those who remember the PS2 “Shinobi”, it was a love it or hate it type of game.  It was relentless and brutally difficult to the point where many consider it one of the hardest games ever made.  After that, we saw a spinoff released for the PS2 called “Nightshade”.  It was essentially a easier game, but not by much.


After “Nightshade” however, the Shinobi franchise dropped the radar once again…until now.  SEGA has just confirmed that they are currently working on a new installment on the franchise, “Shinobi 3DS”.  Sources are indicating that the title has been in development since November 2010.  Here’s hoping SEGA shows us what they have so far at E3…


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