“Ninja Gaiden 3” First Details and Scans

May 26, 2011


Ryu Hayabusa’s newest adventure has been unveiled in the newest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine!  Here’s the brief details that have been confirmed:

-Game is locked in at 60 FPS (Frames Per Second, not First-Person Shooter)

-The blood and gore is back

-Difficulty level won’t be watered down for those complaining previous installments were too hard

-Competitive and Cooperative modes have been confirmed, possibly supporting up to 8 players

-Muramasa’s Shop has been removed and the weapons will upgrade the more you use them

-Story will receive much more attention this time around

-May possibly support PS Move

We’re very excited to see gameplay footage presented at E3!  Check out the scans below from the Official Playstation Magazine!

What a bloody mess...


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