AMY – The Game to Revitalize Survival Horror

June 20, 2011


Be afraid...

A few months ago, we covered an article mentioning a new downloadable title that was in the works called “AMY.”  Today, courtesy of Djamil Kemal from publisher Lexis Numerique, he revealed more information about the title via the PlayStation Blog.

Paul Cuisset, the creator of the 90s hit game “Flashback,” is once again back to demonstrate his creativity with this latest title.  He’s aiming to break new ground by making a downloadable title that’s along the lines of what you would expect from a disc release.

Lana's not looking too good...

The story takes place in 2034, during a rainy December day.  Upon a comet crashing in Silver City, you’ll take control of Lana, a girl who regains consciousness after the comet impact to only find that violence and chaos has broken out in the city.  People have been turning into zombies and other more demonic creatures.  Lana, however, is infected with the mysterious virus that is spreading throughout the city.  You have to escape the city and manage to stay vaccinated enough to hopefully find an official cure.  The two methods of staying vaccinated are by checking the bodies of soldiers that invaded Silver CIty or by staying with Amy.

Amy is a little, mute girl that has a strange ability that can stop Lana’s infection as long as you’re near her.  Amy will be able to utilize her small size (given the fact that she’s a child) to access areas to what’s otherwise inaccessible for Lana.  She’ll even occasionally draw your attention to something you may not have noticed, which can become very helpful.  When playing the game, if you hold down the R1 button (PS3 version), you’ll hold Amy’s hand, which will heal Lana.  The other benefit from this is that you will feel Amy’s heartbeat come from the vibration of the DualShock 3 controller.  The less it beats, the safer the area.  The more it beats, the more cautious you need to be when going through the area.

The core gameplay mechanic is “exfiltration.”  It’s all about escaping with Amy and find safe spots to have her wait in as you explore the environment little by little.  Lana has the ability to fight enemies but it’s extremely limited since she has no combat experience what-so-ever.  Lana can utilize the environment to combat enemies though.  For example, she can lure a creature into a water puddle and then use an item to electrify the creature standing on the water.  She’ll be able to use crowbars and pipes as weapons, but again, she’s not an action-ready type of girl so whenever you can avoid conflict, do so.  The main focus here is to try to be stealthy.  Think of it as a stealth, survival horror title.  You can hide in closets, under tables and other objects but you’ll need to be very careful before getting out of your hiding spaces.  You’ll have to notice your surroundings carefully before deciding if it’s safe to continue exploring.  However, as Lana stays separated from Amy, she’ll start showing off signs her infection.  When this is visible, you can walk slowly past creatures as they’ll think you’re one of them.  However, if you come across the military, they’ll shoot you right on the spot.  No pressure but you can’t be too slow with the infection movement,otherwise Lana will really turn into one of them.

Don't just stand there...whack that creature!

The game certainly is garnering some attention and deserves to.  It’s ambitious and looks to really insert fear back into what a true survival horror game is about.  “AMY” will be released this September for the PSN and has yet to be confirmed if there will be an XBLA release in the future.  In the meantime, check out the video below that showcases the visuals the team has been working on for this title.  Comment your thoughts below!

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