Hitman: Absolution Will Have More Levels Than Any Other Hitman

June 22, 2011


47 looks pissed...don't ever piss off 47...

Those of us who were fans of the Hitman franchise know that they’re not the longest titles out there…except for Hitman 2.  Game director, Tore Blystad, seems to be aware of this and has stated that this latest installment will offer more levels than any prior Hitman title.  Many of the levels will also bring Agent 47 outside of the norm.

“We tried to pick the most diverse kind of locations that we can within the setting of the game,” Blystad stated.  “There’s a very big contrast between them…Most of our fans, they really like to talk about the game – how they did this, how they did that, and we’re trying to find levels that are very easy to reference.  You can tag them very easily for comparison.”

“There’s quite a lot of them,” Blystad continued to state.  “There’s more levels in this game than any other Hitman game.”  They even already scrapped some level ideas, one of which took place in IO’s actual offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and another which took place at an E3 show floor!

Gameplay director, Cristian Elverdam, has stated that you’ll be able to really improvise using the props in the environment as weapons.  He states these as “a style choice” over necessity.  “If you really want that ultimate assassin feeling, that’s a style choice, but we also know that people se these improvised weapons as kind of expressing yourself if you will.  It’s a little bit sinister in a game where you’re killing people!”

“We find that if you set up the environment with props that are fitting, it’s actually quite satisfying to see if you can find all the items, see if you can apply them to the AI.”

What do you guys think?  Hitman: Absolution catching your attention?  Sound off in the comments!

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