Goodbye Call of Duty, the Uncharted 3 Beta Dethroned You

July 1, 2011


Now, a majority of us have enjoyed the Call of Duty multiplayer at one point or another.  For me, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the first multiplayer online game that I spent months on end playing.  It was fresh, fast-paced and a ton of fun to play on your own or in a party with your friends.  I’ve clocked in over 50 hours just on the multiplayer alone so I’m not exactly a “n00b” when it comes to COD multiplayer.  However, once Call of Duty: World at War was released, I was already played out with the multiplayer and thought, “Wow, this is getting stale already…”  Then, a year later was Modern Warfare 2’s release…and I despised it for it’s entirely unbalanced competitive multiplayer.  Then, another year later was COD: Black Ops, which was, in my opinion, a slight step more entertaining than MW2 (thank you Nuketown), but thanks to Treyarch for slap-dashing the PS3 version (inexcusable seeing that COD: World at War was exactly identical with the PS3 and 360 versions) for me by making the game look muddy, sub-HD and have numerous connectivity issues.  The only reason I still play the Call of Duty titles are for their campaigns, which is the main purpose of the game.

Now, the Uncharted franchise was one of the games I didn’t want to steer toward the “multiplayer” territory.  I’m all about having a fantastic single-player experience and if there is multiplayer, it’s nothing more than a bonus that I’ll occasionally check out nowadays.  Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was one of my favorite titles for the PS3 and I thought how the balance between action-adventure and cinematic themes blended brilliantly.  When Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was announced with the mention of multiplayer, I thought to myself “Are you kidding me?  They’re going to lose their focus on the single-player to make a multiplayer component?”  I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Uncharted 2’s single-player not only stands as one of the greatest single-player experiences I’ve ever played, but also set a new standard with me for the multiplayer aspect as well.  By incorporating the single-player mechanics into a multiplayer style of play, it was unlike any other game out there…and still remains that way.  Everything just worked in such a brilliant form and in a way that I never expected.

Now, the Uncharted 3 Beta was released on the PSN a few days ago, and after clocking in some serious time with it, it’s by far one of, if not, the best multiplayer title that will be hitting the market this year.  Now, I was a serious Uncharted 2 veteran…between platinuming the game…to clocking in roughly over 60 hours with the multiplayer, I knew the insides and outs of that game’s mechanics.  So, what makes the Uncharted 3 Beta better than a full retail version of COD’s multiplayer?  Let me explain.

First off, the lobby system is already mind-blowing.  From the get go, you’ll notice the bottom right corner, which has the “Uncharted TV.”  Uncharted TV allows you to watch behind the scenes footage, trailers, gameplay footage and occasionally live footage of a multiplayer match going on at the same time.  If you want, you can even listen to the Uncharted TV through your headset as opposed to your TV.  I hadn’t even played the game yet and this blew me away already.  Then, you notice that you can customize the way the character looks, from the guns being customized with their own perks, to creating emblems and having “kickback” boosters.  This is similar to Call of Duty’s “Create a Class” system, but certainly feels different at the same time.  Upon inviting my friends into a party, we jumped into a team deathmatch and heard people being annoying on their headsets by either blasting music into it or just talking about nothing important.  Now, I usually mute everyone in a game except for my friends in my party but I couldn’t figure out how to mute each person individually in the lobby…until I pressed the highlighted “triangle” button for “mute all” which not only did what it’s intended to do, but actually didn’t mute my friends.  The game knew that my party should NOT be muted as opposed to those who aren’t in my party.  This is the first time I’ve come across a game that actually has, what I call, a “smart mute all” button.

This never gets old...

Starting off the match, we were treated to a cinematic cutscene of my team preparing for a shootout on a cargo plane and as the hatch opened, we saw trucks with villains (the opposing team) on them ready to take us out…then the match began.  As opposed to most games where you just start in a spawn point on a map and just blast each other for no good reason, this gave it a more cinematic approach.  It actually reminded me of the “Operations” mode of Killzone 3.  As we were jumping from the moving cargo plane (that was ready to take off from the runway at any second) to the trucks, I was enticed in how cinematic the multiplayer felt…something that sparked my appreciation for multiplayer again.  Even the fact that you can blow up a truck (that has the opposing team on there) that’s following the cargo plane on the runway completely awed me and made me forget I was even playing a multiplayer component.  Afterwards, the cargo plane hatch closed and a timer showed up on the screen counting down the seconds until the cargo plane took off.  Once it hit zero, you see the plane take off and then you continue the rest of the match in a new section of the map.  Then “power plays” come into effect where you may have to protect a specific teammate, or another team might have “double damage” that they can deal to you.  It’s at these moments where Uncharted’s outstanding soundtrack kicks in and further enriches the experience.  Multiplayer games need music…without music, the multiplayer is usually a tad boring.  When the music kicked in for “power plays,” I couldn’t help but sit at the edge of my seat and really pull off some insane actions in the time window that it played.  The “kickback” booster is really sweet as well.  Instead of earning “killstreak” rewards as in COD, you’ll earn “kickback” boosters which are achieved by completing certain “medals” or collecting “medals” placed at random throughout the map.  Currently, my “kickback” is the “RPG!!” which allows me to pull out a…you guessed it, RPG to take down enemies.  However, it only carries two rockets and if you die with it, you lose your kickback until you earn the medals again.  The other new mechanic is the ability to “sprint” now.  Now sprinting is used in essentially every game, but I never would’ve thought how much of a difference it makes in the Uncharted universe.  Unlike COD where you’ll sprint away from a bullet, turn around the corner and only find out that the bullet somehow hit you despite clearly turning the corner of that hallway or building (the soldiers in COD must know how to “curve” bullets), in Uncharted 3, you can ACTUALLY sprint away from bullets and not have to worry about Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy coming after you, curving bullets around corners.

Yes...this is the multiplayer.

In short, Uncharted 3’s beta blew me away within a single match.  I loved Uncharted 2’s multiplayer, and was a pro at it (not trying to gloat) but Uncharted 3’s Beta not only shows how incredible the multiplayer is going to be for the full retail version, but the fact that a “beta” actually feels more “complete” and “polished” than a full retail version is quite a feat.  If you haven’t downloaded the Uncharted 3 Beta yet, get off the “COD” bandwagon, and check out an innovative multiplayer experience.  You will never go back to COD with the same mentality.

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3 Comments on “Goodbye Call of Duty, the Uncharted 3 Beta Dethroned You”

  1. SpiderGuy Says:

    The Beta was EPIC! Can’t wait for the real thing!!!


  2. Snake eyes Says:

    ur wrong u3 beta didn’t beat cod


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