Why the Silent Hill HD Collection Should Not Be Missed

August 4, 2011


As we start winding down the dog days of Summer, it is almost common knowledge that before the year is out there will be a release of over 7 AAA titles that are sure to change the way we look and play games. There are some smaller titles that are not as highly publicized due to the spotlight that Uncharted, Gears of War, Call of Duty and Battlefield receive (just to name a few). Now I am not comparing this HD collection of 2 old titles to brand new blockbuster games of this fall. The Silent Hill series may have been overshadowed somewhat from a more popular franchise such as Resident Evil.  However, thanks to Konami’s HD re-release of it’s beloved franchise, a whole new generation of gamers can partake on a psychological experience unlike any other game.  I merely want people to recognize that there are other releases coming this fall that should be just as inviting an appealing to the consumer. You guys should definitely know more about this title coming in the fall and that is the Silent Hill HD Collection being released  for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

For those of you not familiar with the Silent Hill HD Collection, the blu-ray disc will contain both SH 2 and 3. It’s commonly known that Silent Hill 2 is regarded as the best installment in the entire series. Silent Hill 2 has a respectable score of 85.77% according to Gamerankings and Silent Hill 3 comes in a close second, competing with the original SH1. This collection will be getting the ultimate treatment as both titles are re-mastered in HD at 720p for improved graphics. Completely updated in-game voice over work that enhances the storytelling of both SH2 and SH3. Akira Yamaoka’s soundtrack still remain untouched in this remastering, which is great news seeing that the music for both SH2 and SH3 really add to the experience.

My own experience of playing SH2 in particular is considered one of enjoyment, pure fear and intensity. Silent Hill 2 came out 10 years ago and completely changed the way we look and play psychological horrors. The music and plot twist, as well as environment, just make the game completely original and fresh. Silent Hill 3 continued that effect thoughout the story but may have not been as impacting and deep on the player as SH2 had been. Regardless, both titles are easily Konami classics.

This collection is releasing just in time for the release of the brand new Silent Hill Downpour, coming this fall to both to 360 and PS3. This latest entry marks the 8th game in this stellar horror franchise that has spawned a movie and has a sequel which is currently in production. I can easily write pages and pages of why I feel Silent Hill is such a great franchise and why in particular Silent Hill 2 and 3 are great games but I would rather here what you guys have to say about this collection and/or the new Silent Hill Downpour releasing this fall as well.

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8 Comments on “Why the Silent Hill HD Collection Should Not Be Missed”

  1. boxingstars2night Says:

    Cool Info! Though I do have to disagree with you on SH3 i feel SH1 completely beats SH3 as the 2nd Best Silent Hill Title but nonetheless this HD collection will be a great addition to for Silent Hill Fans!


  2. JP Says:

    Too bad Akira Yamaoka is not composing the score for SH: Downpour. Without him, SH is just not the same creepy town we used to know. Too bad he left Konami.


  3. Kelly Says:

    I don’t know that SH2 is the best in the series – I always thought it was the weakest and just didn’t fit in at all! And you made a good argument for why the HD Collection should not be missed for newcomers to the series, but what about those of us who played it when it was first released? Will there be huge enough changes that it’s worth buying these games again?


    • grenadeh Says:

      It was definitely the best. It fit in perfectly considering it was the second game – later games are judged against it, not the other way around. Silent Hill 4 is what didn’t fit in, the room blows. So does 3. Homecoming was boring and easy. Come on.


      • R17 Says:

        In my personal opinion Silent Hill 2 embodied the perfect balance of horror and survival. SH2 captured the essence of the Silent Hill universe better than any of the other titles in the series. I am truly hoping that Downpour will do the same.

  4. Bobby Brown Says:

    You probably shouldnt have said anything about the spoiler being in part 2, jerk.


  5. grenadeh Says:

    Ignoring the fact that they entirely omitted SH1 and instead put in 3, which sucked. If they insisted on keeping 3, it should be 1 through 3. the franchise went downhill after 2 but come on now. Typical Konami. I’m pissed as hell at them though right now because of a MGS2 HD incident tonight.


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