Top 10 Nintendo 64 Soundtracks

August 7, 2011

Top 10

The Nintendo 64 was revolutionary upon it’s release in 1996.  It was the first time we got to play a 3D platformer on a console that truly redefined the way we play games today.  The N64 had a ton of great titles…but which ones had the best soundtracks?  Let’s find out what my personal top 10 soundtracks were for the N64.


– The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

What is considered to be not only the greatest Zelda game of all time, but the greatest overall game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time really set a whole new standard for future adventure games.  The amount of gameplay elements incorporated into this game were simply stunning.  However, the soundtrack is easily one of the N64’s strongest.  From it’s variety of cheerful tracks, to adventurous ones, to just downright creepy, this soundtrack was absolutely brilliant.


– Super Mario 64

Hands down, Super Mario 64 was my favorite Mario game of all time.  Lengthy, challenging and downright addictive, Super Mario 64 was my introduction into the 3D world of gaming.  The soundtrack alone was a motivation for me to keep playing.  The tunes normally stuck in your head during and after your play session but there was one tune that really kept me going, Bowser’s Stage Theme.  Whenever you get up to the level leading up to a battle with Bowser, it got you completely pumped up for overcoming the challenges ahead to tackle the King of Koopas himself.  If you’ve never played Super Mario 64, I pity you…



Castlevania for the N64 didn’t sit well with most fans of the franchise.  Fans considered it too much of a departure from your standard Castlevania title and felt the gameplay was too basic.  I completely disagree with their thoughts and feel, as a diehard Castlevania fan, that it was one of the best installments.  Why?  More like why not.  It was a creepy adventure with a good storyline and fun gameplay mechanics.  Sure, it wasn’t a perfect Castlevania title, but it was very addictive…and to this day, still is for me.  To be fair, the soundtrack greatly enhanced my experience with Castlevania.  The songs in this game were chilling and intense at the same time, which perfectly incorporated into the atmosphere of the game.  Plus, Castlevania is about going up against vampires (and I’m not talking about the emo “Twilight” ones)…this game did just that!  The track attached below is from the “bull boss battle” in the Castle Center stage and the “final boss battle.”  This track alone masterfully depicted the intensity of these boss fights and really brought you further into the experience.


– Conker’s Bad Fur Day

“Ah, that’s better.”  Conker’s Bad Fur Day was, in my opinion, Rareware’s last classic game they’ve developed.  It was gruesome, vulgar and downright hilarious!  From the moment you started Conker and saw it’s dark opening, you weren’t quite sure what to expect from the game.  Then when you start playing and encounter “Beerdy…er…Birdy the Scarecrow,”  you know you’re in for a one of a kind experience.  The soundtrack greatly varied depending on the situations at hand.  If you were out in the field, it was normally cheery music.  Get to the haunted house stage and naturally it becomes very creepy.  Reach the “lobby scene” from “The Matrix” and it gets very techno-y.  No matter what, the music perfectly fit each scenario.  However, my personal favorite song in this game was from the “Rock Solid” nightclub.  Everytime I hear that, I feel the need to get drunk, unzip my pants and start taking a piss on anyone in front of me.  Ah Conker, you’ve taught me many good things in life.


– Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini is a completely underrated gem from Rareware.  This sci-fi action/adventure shooter was very impressive in terms of…well, everything.  It really displayed some beautiful visuals for the N64, had great controls, addictive gameplay mechanics and an epic soundtrack.  The soundtrack was very cinematic and to this day, still stands the testament of time.  From the character select screen, to the first time you reach the SS Anubis, the music alone prepared you for how insane the game was going to be.  A true N64 classic that many people unfortunately missed…


– GoldenEye 007

Of course GoldenEye was going to be on this list.  Graeme Norgate is a genius when it came to composing music for Rareware.  Always creating intense tracks for games that set the mood brilliantly, GoldenEye was strongly enhanced due to it’s incredibly memorable soundtrack.  Every single level had a unique feel to it thanks to the variety in each track.  I could literally go on for days about what made GoldenEye so incredible, but I’m sure most of you readers know how amazing of a game it was.


– Perfect Dark

The spiritual successor to GoldenEye, Perfect Dark was Rareware’s return to the FPS genre…and wow, did it return with a bang.  Perfect Dark had outstanding visuals, flawless gameplay, a multiplayer mode that has yet to be matched (in my opinion) and a rockin’ soundtrack.  One of the coolest features within the deep customization of the multiplayer was the fact that you can choose the song to listen to during the multiplayer match (something many other games really need to start utilizing).  However, the moment you start the first campaign mission, you know the soundtrack is going to be killer to listen to.


– Spider-Man

Spider-Man for the N64 wasn’t just an awesome superhero game, it was just an awesome game in general.  Sure, the game lacked length, but it also allowed for multiple playthroughs that way.  The soundtrack was a strong highlight for the game.  Whether you were chasing Venom, fighting lizardmen on top of a subway train to get to Mary Jane, or being chased by an NYPD helicopter in an intense sequence, the music always deeply contributed to the set pieces.


– Extreme G

Futuristic motorcycles?  Check.  Ludicrous speed?  Check.  Bumpin’ techno soundtrack that you could rave to no matter where you are?  Checkity check check!  Extreme G was one of the fastest racing games available for the N64 and was also one of the best.  The soundtrack literally drove this game though.  Every song played for each stage fit perfectly into the game and increased the intensity of the game by doing so.


– Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Back when FPS’s weren’t only about running forward and shooting anything that moves, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil was one of the best FPS’s available for the N64.  A massive campaign, excellent graphics that showcased the N64’s capabilities, some of the coolest weapons seen in a game to this day and a truly magnificent soundtrack made this one hell of a package.  The soundtrack really depicted the atmosphere in a brilliant manner, whether you were in a city port (Port of Adia) or in a Mantid Hive, these tracks would last anywhere between 5 to 11 minutes each!  Realistically, most games nowadays have music that only lasts for two minutes, then loops again.  Every song sounded completely unique and never repetitive by any means.  Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is an example of how to score a soundtrack for an FPS.


The Nintendo 64 was one of my favorite consoles of all time and I have numerous memories of many games on the system.  There were a lot of games lined up for this “Top 10 Soundtracks” list and it was tough to eliminate them, but in the long run, these were the games that had the most memorable soundtracks to me.  Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 Comments on “Top 10 Nintendo 64 Soundtracks”

  1. RockN Says:

    Great list. My personal favorite among these is definitely Goldeneye 64. I’m a sucker for heavy metal. Especially if it’s a metal cover of the Bond theme. 😛


  2. argus9 Says:

    I actually got a chill listening to some of these songs again. Goldeneye in particular…that’s how you start off a campaign!


  3. Turd Furgeson Says:



  4. James Says:

    Nice to see some of Koji Kondo’s last compositions (before he became Nintendo’s music supervisor) there…I really love the tunes in his games.

    And GoldenEye! The music was incredibly fitting, especially in these days where FPSes rarely hold background music.


    • Glacier928 Says:

      Koji Kondo was a genius with his compositions! As for GoldenEye, that just had to be on my list. The music was really something special and as you said, especially compared to nowadays where most FPSes maintain fitting background music the whole time.


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