Moto eXtreme DSiWare Review

August 9, 2011

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Moto eXtreme was an interesting game to review.  It was mildly entertaining at times, but there were numerous issues with the game that make it a hard sell, especially for it’s asking price.

Moto eXtreme is a 2D physics-based platformer in which you control a dirt bike to traverse the treacherous environment, collecting stars and reaching the goal.  There are two modes of play, Trial and Constructor.

In Trial Mode, you’ll complete 32 missions in which you are ranked up to 3 stars per mission.  To earn a star, you have to complete each of the three objectives within a single run.  The objectives are simply: collect the stars, complete the level with time remaining and just plainly complete the level.  Just simply completing the mission is all you need to advance which means you can breeze through this mode within an hour or two.  In Constructor mode, it’s the same concept but with a twist.  You have to use your stylus to draw surfaces for your dirt bike to drive on.  Think Kirby Canvas Curse, except not as fleshed out and polished as that.  Constructor mode will certainly take you longer to complete because of this but mainly because the controls are extremely awkward.  Controlling the bike alone with the buttons is cumbersome enough thanks to a lack of precision of how your bike handles.  Now make it more cumbersome by controlling the bike strictly with the D-pad and the L-button to do a 180-turn along with the stylus in your right hand drawing surfaces in mid-air for your bike to utilize.  Sound cramping?  It sure is.

The problem with handling the bike is that it reacts in jerky motions as opposed to smooth movement.  For a game that’s all about precision, it’s just an odd control method.  Another annoyance is that every time you start a mission or restart at a checkpoint, the bike is always facing the left side of the screen…which is usually the wrong way.  Would it have hurt to refine this to “face the direction you’re supposed to go?”  Another weird graphical feature is that the bike is only colliding with the environment if the tires touch objects, but if a back tire is split between the bottom of a platform and the front tire is above an object, the object will ride right through the bike and rider itself.  You also have a grappling hook that you can use to grab stars and also pull yourself towards the top of a ceiling but it strictly shoots diagonally and is a mess to use.

Bottom line, is Moto eXtreme worth the $7.99?  Not really.  It’s an interesting concept that would’ve worked well had it been more refined but it’s not.  I did have fun with it at times, but ultimately the game was more of a chore in the long run.

Verdict:  Don’t Buy It!

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One Comment on “Moto eXtreme DSiWare Review”

  1. James Says:

    Sounds like a neat idea, this – as you mention like the utterly brilliant Kirby’s Canvas Curse – but the implementation really does seem shoddy (and cramp inducing). Shame, especially as it’s 800 points…


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