Possible Kingdom Hearts HD Collection in 2012?

August 9, 2011


Tetsuya Nomura has been hard at work with his team making Kingdom Hearts 3D for the 3DS, but apparently, they’re discussing a 10 year anniversary plan.  2012 marks the tenth year since the original Kingdoms Hearts became a massive hit amongst PS2 owners.  While Square Enix has been pushing out more installments of the franchise, they’ve all been (except for Kingdom Hearts II) for handheld devices.

Could this be a release next year? Let's hope so!

Nomura stated to Japanese magazine Dengeki that there’s a lot of talk about a Kingdom Hearts HD Collection to celebrate the 10 year anniversary.  He wants to bring newcomers into the franchise but realizes that those being introduced to the series need to understand the story starting with the original.  Hearing talk about it coming from the studio is a great sign leading to something fans and newcomers may be interested in.

Could you imagine playing this in HD Glory?

What do you guys think?  Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!

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13 Comments on “Possible Kingdom Hearts HD Collection in 2012?”

  1. Michael Grella Says:

    I really enjoyed this series on PlayStation it will be nice to see it in HD.


  2. leon Says:

    would like to see birth by sleep included in the hd collection as well, would be a nice bonus for making us wait.


  3. Keagroxyeah Says:

    am i the only one that would poop themselves if this came out on 360? I hope im not the only one. Thatd be embarrassing


  4. windk Says:

    I have the original games (KH & KH 2) and I would not doubt to buy an HD version of them.


  5. frenchiannIan Says:

    I personally would pay any price necessary to obtain this. No question. I’ve been waiting on this possibility since i bought my PS3.


  6. Kevin Says:

    I would love this so much especially if it was on ps3 one one blu-ray disc and included every single game. They should really go all out on it and make it one massive story from beginning to end! (well to the current game). Man that would be my dream but it will never be that good, I will settle for hd versions of kh1 and 2 lol


  7. IDX Rider Says:

    Now what would make everyone buy these is instead of just releasing Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts II (and whatever else they decide to add to the collection) is releasing the Final Mix versions of them. Sure people would buy the HD collection anyways, but it would be totally kick-ass if the FMs were released.





  9. crazysnake Says:

    if they do make an hd collection they should make it the final mix versions of the game.


  10. γιαννις παππας Says:

    I would like to leave the kingdom heart to circulate in the hd version hd big thache
    expectation for the company Singular Square and has many market Stina Other


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