Battlefield 3 Co-Op May Have Just Vanquished MW3’s Spec Ops

August 16, 2011


EA kicked off big with Gamescom 2011 showing off Battlefield 3’s riveting cooperative gameplay mode in a press demo. In a hostage rescue mission you start off with two characters which is the co-op mode. EA has stated that the co-op mode will have a full-fleshed out story line separate from the campaign.

The demo displayed variety of cool and intuitive moments. The dynamic co-op tactics reminds me of “Army of Two” with scenes of both online players emptying rooms through gunfire and by coordinating with each other when to proceed and attack.  Eventually the hostage was rescued. The next scene shows the players escorting a vehicle convoy when suddenly a rocket ambush from the rooftops erupts in total chaos (reminding me of the famous scene from “Clear and Present Danger”). The co-op system allows players to heal each other when shot down, which has become a standard in FPSs nowadays.

EA is promising an assortment of mission types, comprising vehicles both land and air, which sounds terrific. Impressing even more on the gamers, EA is implementing a social network and stats tracking system with the new website which is accessible to all players and of course, thanks to EA, it’s free of charge! Codenamed “Battle log,” this lets the gamer manage his or her friends lists, squad/clan, create platoons, use voice chat and follow your friends’ progress in actual real-time.

Now in my own opinion, being a beloved fan of the COD franchise and still am, I have something to say. If anybody has actually seen footage of this game period whether in HD or not you would be hard pressed not to state that this is the most next gen looking game in the history of gaming especially for FPS shooters. Aside from that, this mode I just discussed will only be a fraction of the overall pie of BF3. However, when comparing this co-op mode to Spec Ops in the Modern Warfare series, I can’t help but wonder that Spec Ops now seems a bit out dated and well…overly bland. And please do not misinterpret I loved spec ops mode and still do to this day. However, for BF3 and MW3, I feel that MW will need to absolutely step it up more than a few notches to equal or surpass what EA has created here. This is a fully fleshed out co-op mode that has the potential to have more heart and character in it than most FPS main campaigns nowadays. Only time will tell if EA delivers on their promise and also if Modern warfare 3 will overcome or at least compete with its own side mission slice of the game.

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7 Comments on “Battlefield 3 Co-Op May Have Just Vanquished MW3’s Spec Ops”

  1. RockN Says:

    Good post. 🙂

    I do agree that the co-op in BF3 looked quite immersive and that the HD graphics of the new installment give it eye candy value. However, I still strongly believe that as a fun console experience, MW3 will both fare better critically and commercially because of two huge breakers on EA’s part.

    1) CoD has a much stronger and more experienced base on consoles

    2) EA’s bank is on the PC version of the game which has already lost a significant number of buyers due to the issues with Steam

    Other issues I have aside, I’m sure both games will be great in their own merit. But I’ll just have to be “that guy” and say that I’m going to stick with CoD on this one.


  2. shooter Says:

    you’re all praises to bf3 coop and not stating the obvious that it’s a mw3 spec ops copy cat? and again you’re lost in oblivion not knowing the footage was using a high end PC? spec ops outdated and bland? are you living under a rock? didn’t you see new features added in spec ops?
    you’re a funny guy stating you’re a fan of COD while all your writing is like you’re ass screaming fire and whatnot for bf3.


    • R17 Says:

      I just wanted correct you real quickly man the BF3 demo I saw at Gamescom today was running off of a PS3 not a high end PC. Otherwise great response we appreciate your views tremendously!


      • shooter Says:

        yeah, was actually looking at the caspian multiplayer footage. now, just checked on the coop footage done on ps3, and there is really nothing to be excited about the graphics on consoles.

    • brownfacer Says:

      Dude you are an idiot, the Gamescom co-op demo was on a PS3, hence the TRIANGLE and other PS3 buttons popping up on screen to open doors etc.



  3. Theyetti Says:

    Other than you retards he never says anything about it being on a PC. Not to mention that he uses the phrase “Next Gen” that usually refers to Consoles. Stop being teenage fan boys of MW3. He is just giving his opinion. I have always prefered Battlefield to Call of Duty but to me they are very different games. COD is fast and small where as Battlefield is a little more like real warfare.


  4. Damian Delafosse Says:

    Shooter your fucktard. The demo was off a PS3. Second, the COD modern warfare series doesn’t have Co-Op so how could it be a copy cat. You fanboys lie to yourselves so much it’s ridiculous.


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