Big Brother PS3 Says Hello to Little Brother Vita

August 18, 2011


GamesCom just keeps dropping more and bigger news. Sony announced on Tuesday that the long awaited price drop for the PS3 has finally come at a great new price of $249.99 in all US retail stores. However, was this as smart a move as it seems? Let’s see…

The new PS Vita will be debuting early 2012 at a great price of $249.99. Now at this point, most people will be hopefully realizing that yes, you can buy a handheld PSP or a PS3 console for the same price. In today’s economy, what will be the trend of consumers and what will they mostly likely plunk their $250 down for? In my personal opinion after observing how the gaming market has changed since roughly 2005, when tiny cell phone games started to become more popular and eventually grew into the first PSP being released not much later. At that time, mini games and handhelds were really just a past time or something to distract the gamer while they were away from their home consoles, be it a PS3, Xbox 360 and/or Nintendo Wii. Occasionally, the casual market would invest in DS’s and PSP’s games mainly because most cell phone games were more simplistic titles such as poker, side scrolling basic shooters and other Atari type games.

Fast forward 6 years to 2011 and the landscape has changed to an entirely whole new generation of gaming and entertainment. The casual gaming market is far surpassing the hardcore market everyday, with proof showing the amazing sales of iPhone, iPad, Microsoft’s Kinect, and the Nintendo Wii games. Two of those are consoles though so I will magnify this statistic more for you. The average projected sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPad games are expected to triple in the 4th quarter of 2011 compared to their sales last year for games downloaded, “according to Bloomberg’s financial report from Apple in June 2011.” Whether they are first or third party, more people are playing games on handheld devices than home consoles.

Finally, here is what I am saying and that is, was it really the best move for Sony to price drop the PS3 to $250 bringing it to the same exact price as their future handheld? In my eyes, they will be competing with themselves which can be a good and bad thing. If this was the year 2000 or even 2005, I would say that’s great! Double the profit for the company and a bigger corner of the market as well. However, this is 2011 and the majority of people are swaying away from home consoles and gravitating in swarms towards strictly handheld devices that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. Sony is almost leading the consumer away from the PS3 and by keeping the PS3 price at $250. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at this projection for the PS Vita. This handheld, in my opinion, will have the best launch year in the history of a handheld (and Sony console for that matter) and possibly any console if in fact these games all come out in the same year.

– Wipeout 2048
– Street Fighter x TEKKEN
– Mortal Kombat
– Killzone
– Bioshock
– Assassins Creed
– Uncharted: Golden Abyss
– Call of Duty
– Silent Hill: Book of Memories
– Resident Evil
– Little Big Planet

Again, a few of these titles are not confirmed as of yet but for Resident Evil, at least, I can bet my life on it. At Sony’s E3 about two years ago, they announced Resident Evil Portable, which was supposed to come out for the PSP. This naturally never happened but one can only assume that this mistake won’t be made twice.

In closing with such a stellar lineup as this for the PS Vita, are the consumers still going to consider purchasing a PS3 when in theory, the PS Vita offers a largely similar experience in portable form for the same price. Most of the PS3’s great franchises are pretty much wrapping up this year and the rest have been done. With the release of Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 this year, the game cycle at this point seems dried up exclusive wise. The PS Vita will have this wonderful infuse of old titles being created on this powerful handheld. With a price similar to Sony’s own home console and games that will cost less than those on the console, I feel that the PS3 might fade away quicker due to it’s one competion and little brother, the PS Vita. Is the consumer going to think, “Should I buy a PS3 for the same price as a handheld that is going to feature a slew of A list titles more than the PS3 in 2012?” Also, will the consumer realize that the Vita titles will be $20 cheaper than newly released PS3 titles?   After considering all this, is the price drop a smart move? Only time will tell…

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11 Comments on “Big Brother PS3 Says Hello to Little Brother Vita”

  1. argus9 Says:

    I hate to disagree with you, but I think Sony is only helping their sales. Remember the kind of synergy the Nintendo Gamecube and Game Boy Advance had together? Four Swords Adventure is just one example of the direction Sony could take. Each console is going to offer a unique experience, and I’m sure Sony will design incentives to own both, like special interactions. One way or the other, people are going to buy Sony, whether it’s the PS3 or PSP Vita.


  2. RockN Says:

    The PS3 is a largely old console, while the Vita will be marketed as something new and unique. Plus, it trumps the 3DS’ Wifi with is 3G network (though to be honest, I fail to see what’s so great about making AT&T the exclusive provider).

    At this point, both the 3DS and PSV need to worry about software, nothing else. They also have the smartphone market to watch out for.


  3. xcore Says:

    Why would Sony shoot themselves in the foot? I hate articles like this on N4G. They’ve obviously had it strategically planned it out – and considering how apart from the online business, Sony’s been doing great in the past few years, the chances of anything in your article coming true are null.


  4. Patty C Says:

    ARE SONY!…not “IS SONY” ….ARE SONY Shooting THEMSELVES in the foot ? Don’t give me any of that crap about English not being your first language either. When i write in Japanese to my friends on a forum, i try my damndest to make sure i use correct grammar in Japanese. I don’t write nonsense and then use the excuse that Japanese isn’t my first language. I bet you say I COULD CARE LESS too 😉


  5. Bob Says:

    This is a pretty pointless article! People aren’t going to look at a ps3 and a vita and say “they are the same, but the vita is portable so i will get that”. They are completely different devices!


  6. DarthDiggler Says:

    “Most of the PS3′s great franchises are pretty much wrapping up this year and the rest have been done. ”

    You have no evidence of this at all. Sony isn’t done with any franchises for the PS3.


  7. Jack Says:

    The Vita is a joke at 245. That console will fail if they don’t drop their price.


    • acezx Says:

      At 249 the PSV is a steal dude. This thing has more features like the much needed cross chat. It has more ram than the ps3 for development. (512 mb ram and 128 mb vram). A much better gpu than the mess of a rsx. And a quad core processor which ia very impressive seeing as how phones are now on dual cores. Its a way better deal seeing as though the 3ds(which I own) and psp(still have) where priced at 249 initialliy.


  8. Michael Grella Says:

    With the price drop I would of liked some new features put into the PS3. I’m sure they will get some new customers now that they can afford it.


  9. tarbis Says:

    You just failed hard and a bigger joke even before the PSV. It’s $249 not 245.


  10. N. Palmer Says:

    I won’t be able to hook up a Vita to my entertainment center and enjoy it as a full-time media center and Blu-ray player. ‘Nuff said.


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