Time Crisis 4: Arcade Edition Trophy Guide

August 26, 2011


Time Crisis 4: Arcade Edition was the first trophy guide I wrote on PS3Trophies.org and I would like to share it with you fans on Gamers Xtreme.  Being a big fan of the Time Crisis games, I was determined to nail 100% of the trophies and apparently did so before many others (due to many people not knowing what the “hidden” trophies were).  Check out the guide below for all the help you may need in nabbing every trophy!

Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 10 (3,6,1)
Online: N/A
Approximate time to 100%: 3-6 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3+
Glitched trophies: None
Missable trophies: None
Do cheat codes disable trophies? N/A

Road Map

Welcome to the Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version trophy guide. This game is bundled with Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Time Crisis 4 is a light gun shooter that has a simple cover-and-shoot mechanic. There’s a bit of variety where the game throws “mini-missions” which are essentially a specific scenario that last between 30-40 seconds. These scenarios usually consist of protecting your territory or escaping “Terror Bites” (you’ll find out what those are when you play the game  ). The trophies are very straight forward and shouldn’t take too long to get 100%. You don’t have to play through Ranking Mode for any of the trophies.

Some tips for playing the game: The enemy soldier that are in “red” suits are much more likely to get a clean shot at you as opposed to the normal “grey” soldiers and ammo-filled “yellow” soldiers. You’ll notice that the game gives you a split second heads up that an enemy is about to hit you direct when the bullet, axe or grenade are highlighted in “red”. Don’t forget this because this is difference between life and death…in the game of course, I’m pretty sure this stuff wouldn’t be highlighted in “red” in real life . The “grey” soldiers can occasionally get a shot at you (depending on difficulty) but as long as you shoot everyone that pops up on the screen, you should be fine. The “yellow” soldiers are great, they can rarely hit you and when you shoot them, you get ammo for one of your sub-weapons (machine gun, shotgun and grenade). Every enemy can be shot up to 3 times after killing them (kind of like a juggle in a sense). You keep your combo meter up this way, get more points and shooting the “yellow” soldiers 3 times will net you 3 pieces of ammo as opposed to one.

In terms of a weapon breakdown, your 4 weapons are the handgun, machine gun, shotgun and grenade. The handgun has infinite ammo but has 9 bullets per clip before you have to take cover to reload. The machine gun can carry up to 300 bullets and there’s no reloading for this gun. Shotgun can carry up to 30 shells and is an excellent way to take care of stronger enemies up close, no reloading. The grenade has a capacity of 5 but it essentially obliterates anything that stands in your way, highly recommended for boss battles or to get out of a tight situation, no reloading.

Step 1: First Playthrough
You can choose to play either Free-Play or Ranking Mode for your first playthrough. I personally found Ranking Mode to be the easiest way to complete the game the first time through since you get 9 continues to go through the game as opposed to 3 continues in Free-Play. However, if you choose Free-Play mode, you earn an extra continue each time you do game over. When you complete the game, you automatically unlock 9 Health bars and Unlimited Continues. There’s really no difference between the Giorgio and Evan except for different perspectives you’ll see the action in.

Step 2: Clean Up
After completing the game once, follow the trophies tips I left below and you’ll be able to get all the trophies in no time.

Finished Game (Giorgio) 
Finish a one player game with Giorgio.Self-explanatory. Just beat the game once with Giorgio on either Free-Play or Ranking Mode. However if you die and do game over mid-game, do not stage select to where you left off. The trophy will not unlock, you need to finish it in one sitting. Thanks to “Crazyaejay” for pointing that out. Finished Game (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan.Self-explanatory. Just beat the game once with Evan on either Free-Play or Ranking Mode. Same as Finished Game (Giorgio). Finished Game (Two Players) 
Finish a two player game with Giorgio and Evan.

See Ultimate Duo

 Sharpshooter (Giorgio) 
Finish a one player game with Giorgio with a score of 3500000 points or more.

This trophy should be attained on the second playthrough if you didn’t get it on your first. Once you have the infinite handgun unlocked for beating the game once, just keep blasting away at every enemy! A good way to rack up more points is to constantly fire at the bosses, even when they can’t take any damage (when their health bar is brown-ish). A breakdown of points should be 1.5 million after stage 1, 2.6 million after stage 2 and then you should be able to get 3.5 million at the end of the game. Accuracy and speed are key to getting this trophy.

 Sharpshooter (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan with a score of 3500000 points or more.

Same as Sharpshooter (Giorgio) but you’ll notice that during Stage 1-2, you’ll probably earn a little less points than if you were Giorgio due to the fact that you’re firing a missile launcher instead of a heavy machine gun so it’ll take less hits to destroy enemies. However on Stage 3-1, it will be the opposite since Evan uses a heavy machine gun this time and Giorgio would use the missile launcher.

 Speedster (Giorgio) 
Finish a one player game with Giorgio in 31 min. or less.

You should be able to do this automatically when going for the Sharpshooter (Giorgio) trophy. If not, then you didn’t shoot at everything fast enough evidently…remember, if it moves, SHOOT IT! 

 Speedster (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan in 31 min. or less.

See also Speedster (Giorgio). It’s the same concept, shoot everything the second you see them. The faster you are, the faster the game advances.

Secret Trophies

Top Agent (Giorgio) 

Finish a one player game with Giorgio without using any continues

The best way to complete this trophy is to have the Speedster (Giorgio) and Sharpshooter (Giorgio) trophies done first. The reason I say that is because you will unlock Infinite Sub-Weapon Ammo doing so. Yes, that means infinite machine-gun, shotgun and grenades! Using the machine gun is the safest gun to use as opposed to grenades and shotgun. The reason is the shotgun has a slow fire-rate and the grenades can occasionally get you hit because the explosions on-screen can make you not see a bullet, grenade or axe flying at you to dodge in time.

This trophy can be obtained in Free-Play mode. However, make sure you are playing Free-Play:One Player, not Free-Play:Two Player mode. I highly recommend that you set your Health to “9” and Difficulty to “Very Easy” to get this as easily as possible.

Top Agent (Evan) 
Finish a one player game with Evan without using any continues

See also Top Agent (Giorgio). Just follow the same guidelines I gave above and you’ll nab this trophy in no time.

Ultimate Duo 
Finish a two player game with Giorgio and Evan without using any continues

This might sound like a pain but it’s actually really easy. If you have a second player who’s really good and you guys want to actually earn this the old-fashion way, be my guest. Personally, I found an alternative to get this on my own.

Select Free-Play:Two Players, set the Health to “9” and Difficulty to “Very Easy”. Now for the second player controller, change the “Reload Setting” to “Release” in the “Control Settings” menu. This way the second player can’t get out of “cover” unless they hold down the button. Now just play the game and focus on doing everything yourself while the second player does nothing but stay in cover not taking any damage.

Now here’s the good and bad side to this. The good side: is if your character is about to die, pause the game, switch the “Control Settings” for you controller to make you stay in cover as mentioned above. Then switch the controls for player 2 to your liking and you have a whole extra set of health to work with! The bad side: all enemies that have a health bar take double the hits to go down in Two Player mode.

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