Resistance 3 Review (PS3)

September 10, 2011

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Resistance 3 is a first-person shooter and is the third in the series developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony entertainment.  The game is a PS3 exclusive.

Story: 5/5

Resistance 3 picks up four years after the events of Resistance 2 and the death of Nathan Hale at the hands of Joseph Capelli.  It is now 1957, over 6 years since the invasion of the chimera on earth and 4 years since they have invaded America.  Joseph Capelli, now married and with a child, leads a group of weary underground survivors and soldiers who scavenge the land for food and supplies.  We find Joseph Capelli hiding out in Haven, Oklahoma in an underground rundown shelter. The intro gives the player a very unique look on how these people have been struggling to survive for years in hiding.  This is a distinctive and moody piece of scenery not normally seen in the previous installments. It is also the most tranquility the game ever displays.  Immediately you are charged into an intense showdown across brilliantly directed scenery with wind-swept autumnal streets clashing with the bloody battle that will ensue.  Compared to Nathan Hale, there is slight more depth in Joseph Capelli’s story both in narrative and emotion but not by much. Dialogue is slight and sporadic.  Insomniac conveys the story of Resistance visually, with gorgeous environments and meticulous details. During huge action sequences, you are reminded that civilization has been torn down around you, the memories of people living in these homes and stores and churches all breathe a life of their own. The fragile, threatened worlds of Bioshock and Fallout (games that harness their worlds to carry story and set the mood) have influenced the team at Insomniac a great deal.   Insomniac introduces a new idea and sequence towards the middle of the campaign that feels very different but in a good way. It’s a slight interlude that further carries the story positively by showing how horrific and uncivilized certain humans have gotten since the invasion.  This succeeds in adding to the overall sense of defeat and death that dwells into Resistance 3’s biosphere. This is the dreariest and loneliest entry in the series, one man who is bound by honor and loyalty trying to make a future for his wife and child possible.  When you eventually reach the final stages of the game the environments are mostly frozen, decrepit and populated with Chimera.  The winterish setting has large amounts of symbolism indicating the end of a story and the final stage of one’s life.  It is clear that Insomniac has had this story fleshed out for many years. Seeing the amount of work and detail that went into the story covering over 5 years of a war torn alien invasion on Earth is amazing.

Gameplay: 5/5

Playing as Joe Capelli through the campaign feels very similar to playing as Nathan Hale because both characters don’t talk very much at all, except Joe actually speaks during cut scenes. The Resistance series has always been known for their uniqueness in weapons and Resistance 3 defintely adds to that a great deal. This latest entry has some of the best weapons and secondary fire options in the whole series.  Resistance 3 is a first-person shooter that lets you annihilate your enemies in a variety of ways not seen in most games today.  Throughout the entire campaign you well be discovering new weapons all the way up till the last 30 minutes of the game.  And almost every weapon feels unique whether you’re decapitating enemies or shooting them with a toxic bubble that sends them into a vomit induced explosion, it’s all fun and fresh here.  Another wonderful addition to the game is the ability to upgrade each gun using a leveling up system (similar to Insomniac’s other franchise, Ratchet & Clank) that unlocks different abilities for each weapon.  The health system has changed again, almost similar to the first Resistance.  Health status is represented by the now-universal red bloody screen, however your health does not regenerate on its own which is a good thing.  For old school gamers, I prefer the struggle of looking for health packs. It’s moments where you’re low on health that helps create a much more intense survival experience.  The number of surprise moments in Resistance 3 are impressive, mainly the intense battle scenes which consist of small-scale firefights among the best in the series.  The interesting thing about R3 was the stark difference between the difficulties in the beginning of the game as opposed to the 2nd half of the game which is ramped up noticeably.   Resistance 3 also brings back co-op campaign for the main story, now playable online unlike the first installment.  No specially designed co-op auxiliary campaign here.  The mode is far, far better for it, no matter how unrealistic it may be to have both players doing the exact same things, playing as the very same character.  Playing co-op split-screen or online with a friend will make the campaign more enjoyable to many and further increasing the longevity of the game for those who do a second run through with a friend.  There is an online pass required to play this game for those of you planning on buying it used, just know you will have to purchase a pass via the PSN.  The single player campaign should take anyone playing on normal or hard anywhere from 7-10 hours depending on your FPS experience.

Graphics: 4/5

Resistance 2’s visuals were inconsistent at times with some bland levels (particularly Bryce Canyon) as well as a few others. Resistance 3 is an enormous leap forward, bringing some of the most distinctive graphics I’ve seen in an FPS. It’s not quite up to the best looking FPS’s category but it almost certainly has its own beauty, partly due to an excellent range of environments and some gorgeous landscapes. Resistance 3 introduces motion blur, a first in the series, which adds to the visuals and gorgeous lighting effects.  The larger action sequences stand out as some of the most impressive technical scenes on the console. Colossal Chimeran monsters look detailed and scary, adding to the realism being displayed at certain points.  However, there are some scenes that do glitch or look average.  Occasionally in CG cut scenes, characters facial animations seem a bit stiff for 2011 and some dialogue not matching with the characters lips can make you scratch your head at times.  At other times while playing in-game, certain character designs visually can be plain looking and stiff facially.

Sound: 4/5

The game does a fantastic job with both weapon and special effects sounds.  The music is brilliantly orchestrated, conveying desolation and a final stand against a dying civilization.  In particular, the main menu’s theme is reminiscent of Mafia 2’s main theme, which is a great thing.  The voice acting however, ranges from average to good depending on the characters.  Joe Capelli, the protagonist as I mentioned earlier, just doesn’t talk throughout the game except for cut scenes, which is strange especially when the NPC’s are speaking directly at him.  It is clear that Insomniac’s still struggling as they did in the first two games (with the mute Nathan Hale) to flesh out the main character a bit more.

Overall: 18/20 = 9/10

Resistance 3 is a great improvement over Resistance 2 and worthy successor to Resistance: Fall of Man. It’s a well-crafted, enticing game for fans of the series coupled with the battles and intensity that fans have come to love and expect.


+Gameplay is fun and addicting, with a variety of weapons and features

+Attention to environment and musical detail is top notch

+The most personal and emotional story of the series also makes it the best of the series


-Voice acting varies often from good strong dialogue to some really weak and dull lines

-Joe Capelli is mute in-game like Nathan Hale

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3 Comments on “Resistance 3 Review (PS3)”

  1. Shadowripper195 Says:

    This game reminds me of resistence 2 short chapters and boring ending- they could of done something better with the ending. The story is like any other story from a first person shooter game. I was hoping they wouldve done something big for the finale-But nothing (minus 50 pts insomniac)over all id give it a 8.5 maybe 9 at best. Thanks for the review



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  2. Insomniac Finished with “Resistance” Franchise | Gamers XTREME - January 26, 2012

    […] to the mixed results that Resistance 2 fared with consumers.  However, Resistance 3 (our review here) is a game that any fan of the original Resistance or FPSs in general should check out! Share […]

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