Dead Space 3 Confirmed; First Details Unveiled

September 26, 2011


EA Games has been rumoring that a new Dead Space was in development.  As of today, it’s official that Dead Space 3 in already well underway and we’ve got the first details.

Dead Space 3 will set our protagonist, Isaac Clarke, traversing complete white-out blizzard conditions of the icy planet of Tau Volantis.  At the start of the game, Isaac crash lands on Tau Volantis believing he may be the sole survivor and must make his way to the nearest shelter…which ends up being an abandoned station (anyone else see where this is going?).  Upon entering the shelter, he discovers a survivor who’s been severely injured but informs Isaac that there are other survivors that travelled to another facility on the planet.  One of the survivors is Ellie, whom we’ve gotten to know quite well from Dead Space 2.  It is at this point that Isaac grabs a snowsuit and heads back into the blizzard to try and find the remaining survivors as well as Ellie.

As the story progresses, Isaac will meet up with Ellie as well as a new character named Jennifer.  Jennifer is the tech type so she’ll easily get excited over any new research and plans to reverse engineer research through a group known as Rosetta.  Upon scaling a mountain, they hear a howl from an unknown, unseen creature below.  The enemies in Dead Space 3 will be called the “hive mind.”

These "necromorphs" may no longer be your enemy this time around...

Excited to take control of Isaac again and explore the frozen tundra of Tau Volantis?  With the new “hive mind” enemies, will they replace necromorphs? Sound off in the comments below!

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6 Comments on “Dead Space 3 Confirmed; First Details Unveiled”

  1. R17 Says:

    Dead Space is hands down one of the great franchises of this generation. And hearing this bit of news is music to my ears and about 5 million other fans!


  2. Helena Says:

    The Hive Mind was the name of the final boss in DS1. The HM had control over the Necromorphs, and was released by the Marker’s dig up.

    Also- the whole ‘ice-planet’ thing hasn’t been confirmed. Or denied though, interestingly enough haha Would be awesome


  3. dc Says:

    The game needs to have a Mansion song or a Zombie song in it but exactly how Helena said the Hivemind was the boss in DS1, and at the end of DS2 Ellie and Isaac got out of the Sprawl in a gun ship did the not


  4. The Devil Says:

    This Is hands down one of the best survival-horror games of it’s generation,resident evil ORC and 6 R gonna face some tough competition,if Dead Space 3 is indeed on it’s way,Go Isaac!!!



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