Ninja Gaiden III for Wii U to be the “Best” Version

October 10, 2011


In an interview with VG247,Team Ninja’s localization head, Peter Garza, stated that the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden III will be the best game it can be. Here is everything Peter Garza stated:

“It’s not being developed in parallel, but we do have the game up and running on the dev hardware…We’re still playing with control schemes to see what would be fun with Wii U, but it’s definitely there and it’s definitely getting worked on. We’re just getting it up and running now on Wii U and we’re still finding out what the hardware can do and how to work with the hardware itself…We’re at a very early stage, so we can’t say that we’re pushing it to its limits right now, but I can tell you that the team being what it is is definitely interested in pushing the hardware as hard as it can.

With 3DS, when we brought out Dead or Alive: Dimensions, that was one of the best looking 3DS games out there,” he said. “We really wanted to use whatever hardware we were on, we want to use to its full potential and really push that. Not just in spec, but the features that make that hardware unique. So for right now with Wii U, we’re just starting to know what Wii U is and how we can make it fun.” 

It seems like Team Ninja is very hard at work with the Wii U edition of Ninja Gaiden III. Ninja Gaiden III is set for release in February 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Wii U version will be a launch title when the console is released later in 2012.

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