Rainbow Six Patriots Revealed Early; First Details Leaked

October 30, 2011


There has been news recently that two different domain names have been registered by Ubisoft Entertainment, Rainbow6Patriots.com and RainbowSixPatriots.com. It has been rumored that a new Rainbow Six title has been in development but this is only further proving it.

BLITZ, a member from NeoGAF forums, has stated that this latest installment will be officially announced in the Xbox World Magazine in the coming months. His “contact” from the PR department has already supplied him with logos, arts, covers and game screens as well. He stated that the logo is a “6 with the pistol that replaced the bottom circle” with a background of New York set on fire. Terrorists and police are the main focuses in the plot. Really? Terrorists in a Rainbow Six game? I would’ve never guessed…

According to Kotaku back in June, they stated that based on what they saw of this latest installment, a morality system will be in place to ensure a very story-driven, emotional experience. They mentioned that one of the scenes has terrorists breaking into a home and kidnapping a stranger, but the catch is that you play as the stranger. It is in this moment that you are pressured into holding a trigger button to prevent this explosive-vest loving terrorist from blowing up. Another situation has you controlling the Rainbow 6 team on one of the bridges in New York City where you have to take out a walking bomb while there are hundreds of people at risk. Do you sacrifice the walking bomb or the hundreds of people on the bridge? If you throw the walking bomb off the bridge, the player will be shown the terrorist’s memories as he plummets and ultimately explodes.

Visually, the game is looking pretty nice from the screenshots with some ultra-realistic lighting. The game will also displayed hundreds of NPCs in the environment, as showcased in the bridge scenario with almost a hundred people crammed into a single bus. Keep in mind, this was all based on a very rough and early build, making us all the more excited to see the final build.

Rainbow Six Patriots hasn’t been formally announced, but it is pretty official based on the info provided. Check back in the coming months for more details of the upcoming game.

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2 Comments on “Rainbow Six Patriots Revealed Early; First Details Leaked”

  1. R17 Says:

    Great Article! Coming from playing hundreds of hours on Rainbow six Vegas 1 and now hearing that with improved graphics and a possible NY setting I can definitely say I’m sold already!



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