Unpopular Opinion: Why Playstation 3 is Currently the Best Gaming Console

November 7, 2011

Unpopular Opinion

Before reading, please note that this article is not a bashing statement to other gaming consoles, and that the author owns all 3 current-generation gaming systems. Also, the PC is not considered a console, and so has not been included in this article.

1) Better Exclusives

Let’s face it. Owning a gaming console is useless unless you have great games. While all three major systems (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii) have fantastic games, only Playstation 3 provides the player with exclusive blockbuster titles that can’t be found anywhere else. Dynamic, original series such as Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Motorstorm, and Gran Turismo are just a few of the highly rated series-exclusives you can find on the Playstation 3. PS3 is also the home of several one-hit wonders, such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavenly Sword, Modnation Racers and Heavy Rain. While the Xbox 360 has high profile games such as Gears of War, Halo, Fable and Forza, their library of exclusive games just doesn’t compare to the Playstation 3. The Wii on the other hand, has an assortment of the most memorable characters in gaming, such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong. Zelda, and Kirby (to name a few), yet as great as these games are, they still don’t match up to the caliber of exclusive games found on the PS3.

2) Online Features 

Easy and accessible, the Playstation 3 has a wide array of PSN (Playstation Network) titles that provide endless hours of entertainment. The PSN Store houses hundreds of demos, gaming titles, and movies and TV shows that you can rent or own. Best of all, online is free! While the Playstation 3 has a membership option called Playstation Plus (where you can receive discounted or free games, as well as an online storage option for all your game data), you can easily bypass this payment option and receive free online play as soon as you create an account. You can also play online with a various assortment of gaming titles with friends from anywhere around the world, and share Trophies and Messages with just a click of a button. All free! Again, Xbox 360 has a great online addition as well (XBL), but it is a paid subscription, and the Wii has a much more convoluted online option, but the Playstation 3 can provide what the others have for free and with ease. You even have access to Playstation Home, a 3D community that offers an interactive and virtual space to meet, chat, plan and launch into games. These are just some of the online features that can be used on the Playstation 3.

3) Additional Accessories

So you have a Playstation 3, but what if you want to expand your gaming options? Well, the PS3 has many peripherals and devices that can easily enhance your gaming experience. If you have a PSP (Playstation Portable) system, not only can you access Playstation games when on the go, but you can also use the Remote Play option to access your Playstation 3 when you’re not home. Want to start downloading a new game while driving home from school or work? The Remote Play option lets you do this with ease. Do you live far away from your relatives or friends? Then the Playstation Eye is the perfect device to communicate with them via video or text messaging. Want some hands-on, motion sensing gaming? Then the Playstation Move can provide endless hours of arcade style fun. While the Wii started this motion sensing craze, and the Xbox 360 jumped on board with the Kinect, it doesn’t negate the fact that the Playstation 3 also has a motion-sensing device for those interested in this style of play. Also, the PS3 supports an addition that no other console has – it also acts as a Blu-Ray Player. Not only do you now have a gaming console, yet you also possess a Blu-Ray player as a bonus, where you can play any Blu-Ray or DVD.

Bottom line, all 3 current generation consoles are fantastic in their own ways, yet if you want a true gaming and entertainment experience that has it all, the Playstation 3 is the system to own above all!

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7 Comments on “Unpopular Opinion: Why Playstation 3 is Currently the Best Gaming Console”

  1. Marchetto427 Says:

    I keep reading this article over and over and I must say I am really disappointed in you guys. I discovered your website about 2 months ago after seeing an article “Nintendo 3DS Essential Games Guide” I was really impressed by the amount of detail and writing you guys did. I faithfully listened to alot of your podcast’s and fell in love with your style of talking to your staff or with each other i guess. The thing that really brought my attention as well as some of my friends was that finally there was a site that wasn’t one sided. You guys always say in your podcast that your unbiased and for everything but this article completely goes against all those statements you’ve made in the past. Even if this is an unpopular opinion section it still doesn’t change the fact that someone on your staff is very very biased and I have doubts that this staff member has even played a 360 for longer than 5 minutes.
    What I am saying is this if you run a site and promote non prejudicial thinking and equality amongst all gamers and consoles then why would you have a team that is clearly biased and contributing to the site in a clear biased manner against the 360 or the Nintendo Wii which has sold more units than both other systems combined!! As i said earlier I along with a couple of my friends who i brought to the site are very disappointed by you guys and this article that I hope you guys don’t consider true journalism because it has certainly the same hate and smut that the internet is already full of. Gamers extreme wasn’t like this when I found you guys 2 months ago and it is sad.


    • Glacier928 Says:

      First off, let me personally thank you for taking an interest in our site. I’m very glad to hear that you came across the site via the “Nintendo 3DS Essential Games Guide” that I personally wrote back in August. I would also like to share my appreciation for your faithfulness to tuning into our podcasts. It is certainly these compliments that drive our staff to share our beliefs as best as we possibly can.

      As for this Unpopular Opinion, I would like to greatly apologize for the biased insinuation. While MJA42X had stated at the very beginning of this article that it was in no way a bashing sentiment to any of the consoles, it is understandable to view it with a bit of biased feeling within it. MJA42X has been wanting to share his opinion on this topic but in as much of an unbiased way as possible. His goal was to share his thoughts to those who have yet to purchase any of the consoles released within this generation. Due to the economic struggle that many are unfortunately consumed with, he just aimed to state which console he felt provided the best value this generation. Again, I wanted to take the time to respond to your thoughtful and constructive comment towards the site and this article in particular. Rest assured, this will be the ONLY article with a biased insinuation and promise to further provide unbiased thoughts and beliefs that we strive to push daily.


  2. Marchetto427 Says:

    I’m really Pleased you guys understood where I was coming from. I just felt it was very biased even to the common reader to see and I really appreciate the feedback. I really look forward to your future articles cause really there are no websites that are unbiased towards each console nowadays!


  3. jimmyNintendo Says:

    HI is this the same guy who wrote the article on why ps3 is better then Wii and 360? I cant find this article now but im pretty sure you guys had it here awhile ago. im going to talk down some knowledge to you; because it seems as if your an angry failed troll and makes arguments that are not even vaild against the Wii and 360. And also how would you know about the 360 when you never had one or hence played one. You also talk about how PSN is free and better and more people prefer the psn your argument which was never proved at all but rather really long winded and full of hot air. If you look up in a recent poll actually more people play xbox live because people like microsoft and find it much more user friendly. i feel your angry troll whose to pocket is to tight and wallet is yet to deep in order to enjoy a simple user friendly online network and faming consoles such as the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox 360 or PC.


    • MJA42X Says:

      Hello JimmyNintendo,

      First of all, thank you for your interest in our latest Unpopular Opinion article. We appreciate feedback from our fans regarding our news, reviews and game related articles. However, I feel that your comment sparks a lot of hatred regarding the subject. Keep in mind that this is an Unpopular Opinion piece, a segment where we look at certain realities of the gaming world that show us what is popular in today’s market, and then show a reverse side to this. It’s no lie that the Xbox 360 is the more popular gaming console, and that the Wii is the most sold console of the current generation. However, the article is based on an unpopular opinion of why I feel that the PS3 is the best option if you had to single out one system to own. As an opinion piece, and an unpopular one at that, the goal of the article is to state valid points about this topic. Many will disagree, and that is okay, but responding with anger is not necessary. Many of your “points” lead me to believe that you did not read the article. If you read the article, you would see that I own a PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. You will also note that I never once stated any negative comments about the Xbox 360 or Wii. You also stated that “PSN is free and better and more people prefer the PSN.” Again, the article never said that more people prefer the PSN. Also, your poll regarding the fact that more people playing Xbox Live is a true statement, but not because more people find it user friendly, but because the 360 was released a year before the PS3 and for a much lower price. It took a while for the PS3 to grow in sales and online members due to these factors. While we appreciate your interest in this article’s topic, we recommend that you read the article first before commenting with hatred. Unfortunately, many “console lovers” (those that prefer one console over another with a fanatical view) often express their opinions with anger. Instead, I challenge you to read our articles for their content and make a justified and intelligent remark concerning the issue. Debating is a healthy process, as we all have our own opinions.

      As a side note, please refrain from posting comments about other articles in a non-related article. You can easily find the article on our main page (or in our Unpopular Opinion section).


  4. jimmy Says:

    Glad i got your attenion now i want to point out you quoted xbox came out early and much cheaper. Even if it did the sony is not as good as the xbox and wii and the sony has great games but the sad part is i can count with my fingers how many great games they have; when xbox 360 has so many i cant even name. i feel your article was very biased and results and your website. You quote how i was angry but what i cant understand is it seems the situation your saying is calling the ‘kettle black’ because to me reading your biased article it seems you were very angry towards the wii and , 360. It almost seems as if your lieing and do not currently own either system i felt your article you wrote was hurtful and far from the truth thus i feel i should report this to higher aid. Thus this hatred you bring out should not be coming from a website like yours unpopular opinion or not. i Feel your site should only show there difference in gaming performance and etc. which leads me to believe you live a lie saying you own all 3.

    As a side note, please refrain from posting comments about other systems claiming ones better then other you can easily find if you claim as you ‘quote’ i own wii and 360 you wouldnt be posting 1 bad about the other because the truth is they each have there difference but not downfalls.


    • MJA42X Says:

      It seems that you are taking an article about a hobby we all enjoy and creating a personal offense to it. Not quite sure how you are “hurt” by this. You seem to have your own opinion about what you feel is the greatest console based on your personal reasons, and I respect that. However, you keep claiming that the article is biased when your own comments are exactly what you’re claiming. You state that I am “angry” about the 360 and Wii, yet they are both great systems (as I have mentioned many times). My article just states that the PS3 offers more than the other two, which is true. For example, the Wii doesn’t have a powerful graphics engine compared to the PS3 or 360, the Xbox doesn’t have a compatible handheld for its system or many AAA exclusives, and they both don’t have blu-ray capability. However, owning all three consoles does have its advantages, and it’s because I own all three and noticed the differences of each that I decided to write this article. It’s an unpopular opinion, and that’s the point.


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