NetherRealm Studios Developing New Killer Instinct Game?

December 7, 2011


If there’s one game that’s been highly demanded for this generation, it’s Killer Instinct. The hot fighting game from the 90’s developed by Rare and published by Nintendo has yet to see a release since Killer Instinct Gold for the N64…and that was over 15 years ago. We’ve heard rumor and speculation for quite some time now but it appears the team at NetherRealm Studios is very eager to nab the rights of this license and give the game a much awaited new release. This information comes from TestYourMight:

“An anonymous source at NetherRealm Studios has said that the Mortal Kombat developer is looking to secure the rights to develop a new Killer Instinct game. As you can guess, getting the rights for a new Killer Instinct will be tricky as Nintendo and Rare, now owned by Microsoft, have rights to the game, but in these days, anything is possible when the right amount of money is on the table. The thought of a new Goldeneye game seemed unlikely as Activision held the James Bond license while Nintendo and Rare held the right to the Goldeneye 007 name, yet we have a new Goldeneye game. Same thing could be said for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since Activision held the license for Marvel games, not Capcom, but again we have a new game game. “

Between this news and the tweets Ed Boon has been stating, is this becoming a reality? Check out what Ed Boon tweeted below:

Surprise from NetherRealm studio coming…?
Let me rephrase that: Unexpected surprise from NetherRealm Studios coming…….?
therealdavidwoo @noobde more DLC characters? 

Noobde: Oh man that would be kool! But no. 😐
NaviFairyGG @noobde MK Mythologies: Rain? 

Noobde: Can you imagine!?!?! But no. 😐
PdogGray @noobde Super Mortal Kombat 9 Turbo Limited Special Edition? 

Noobde: With all the DLC + a few new characters?!?!? No. 😐
teh_tommy @noobde Mortal Kombat Mythologies HD? 

Noobde: You mean re-shooting with new technology for awesome visuals?! No. 😐
DQueBeats @noobde is the suprise MK9 related? thats all i need to know

Noobde: No sir.”

What do you think? Is it possible for Killer Instinct to make a return from NetherRealm Studios? Sound off in the comments below and vote in the poll!

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