Netflix Coming to PS Vita

January 9, 2012


Kaz Hirai just announced during the CES 2012 Sony Press Conference that Netflix will be available on the PS Vita. The best part is, there will be no wait for this application. It will be available day one when you purchase your new handheld console. The PS Vita has been shaping up to be a truly sweet handheld experience and Netflix is always an excellent addition.

Would you use Netflix on your new PS Vita with its 5 inch OLED screen? Sound off in the comments below!


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One Comment on “Netflix Coming to PS Vita”

  1. RockN Says:

    This combined with the 3G network would be pretty neat, but since I’m not feeling up to shelling out $350 plus an additional $100+ for a memory card, I’ll pass for the time being.

    If they drop the price, then we’ll talk.


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