Skyrim Patch 1.4 will Remove PS3 Lag

January 10, 2012


There’s no question that many of you are playing Skyrim as you read this. Whether it’s for the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360, you’re most likely thoroughly enjoying your journey through Skyrim. However, PS3 owners have unfortunately received the short end of the stick with the game lagging tremendously once you clocked in roughly 40 hours of playtime. Bethesda has been aware of this issue and they’ve finally found a solution to the issue.

Here is what was stated from Bethesda when asked about the PS3 lag issue via Twitter:

PS3 owners of Skyrim can now rejoice that a fix is on the way this month and can return to enjoying their game. Did you have any issue with Skyrim on the PS3? Sound off in the comments below!

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8 Comments on “Skyrim Patch 1.4 will Remove PS3 Lag”

  1. Cookiemonstah Says:

    Take ur time bethesda, im enjoying trying out all the different races and making new char 😀 but seriously release it this month


  2. javi Says:

    pleaseeeeee today is january 17 2012 when will update 1.4 will be out my fuc…… bro is angry and don’t let me study because the fu….. game freeze in the loading and everywhere I going to punch him in the face..The only place i can have a momment of peace is in the fuc….. GYM please email me


  3. Julian Says:

    I have pretty constant lag issues. Several times the game has stuttered in a very disorienting way. Other times, I just noticed that it doesn’t seem to run as smooth as its xbox 360 twin. In my opinion, Skyrim looks better on the PS3, but just doesn’t run as smoothly.
    Another major problem I have encountered is system crashes, which either render my screen completely black and stuck, or simply freeze my screen (occasionally the music continues, but the screen never unfreezes).
    My save file says around 6500 kb. I’m pretty computer lingo stupid, but i think that’s around 6 mb. Again, I could be wrong. Still, the other forums state that the lag problems seem to start when the save file reaches around 6 mb. That would be consistent with the time frame and problems I’ve encountered.
    I have loved this game, but I’ve stopped playing until this patch comes out. If it doesn’t fix the issue I’m afraid I’ll have to take this to game stop or sell it on Amazon and get the 360 version. I’m sick of waiting for this game to work right.
    Please, Bethesda, hear us loud and clear: thanks for a wonderful game, but please make it run more smoothly. We would appreciate it greatly.


  4. PSN: RexSterling Says:

    You are taking SO many liberties with Bethesda’s response. “Addressing” and “fixing/removing” are not the same and it sounds like corporate lip-service to me. Also, I’m disappointed in Bethesda because these bugs were common in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and it’s worth noting that those same bugs were only partially “addressed” then – leaving many gamers with unplayable copies that could not be returned. It’s also a shame that the company is ignoring their consumers who are practically begging them for information over on the official skyrim board. I won’t deny that I am a huge fan of Bethesda’s games, but the way they conduct their business is shameful.


    • Julian Says:

      I think you’re right RexSterling. It seems like there should be a group of people who beta test and troubleshoot before the game’s launch. It makes me wonder if the game was rushed into the market for the holiday rush. Personally i would rather wait another month and a half and get a less glitch-heavy game, than get it early, organize a skyrim party, get people together, have people come from miles away for it, figure out that the game is too buggy to play, and terminate my very well organized skyrim party.

      It seems like yesterday when games came out and they were done. No patches, updates, or quick fixes. They were just ready for the market. But i guess that was actually quite some time ago, and games are bigger and more complicated now.

      Nevertheless I long for a Bethesda game that I don’t have to fight uphill to get to work. It always seems to be the same type of glitches. It seems like if Bethesda could fundamentally fix these issues, they would have far fewer bugs and a cleaner reputation.


  5. subtalvik Says:

    I have 250 hours in and am at 13 mb and experience no lag as long as I have autosave off and don’t play in one sitting for an extended period of time.


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