Microsoft Offers Up Smart Incentives for UFC Disruption

January 12, 2012


Good business + free gifts = smart business and satisfied customers.

When a company goes out of their way to comp unhappy, loyal customers and consumers, it is a sign that they truly care about their fan base and their reputation. This past month, Microsoft did just that.

The highly acclaimed UFC app that just released on Xbox Live last month has gained much praise for its pay-per-view HD selection of fights. On December 30, 2011, the UFC app was set to launch which also happened to be the night of a pay-per-view fight. Unfortunately, Xbox Live issues interrupted thousands from viewing the fight via their Xbox 360. Microsoft made a decision within a 2 week period that those who were affected would be compensated generously.

Yesterday, Microsoft stated that they will offer this Saturday’s highly anticipated upcoming Pay-Per-View fight, UFC RIO: Aldo vs. Mendes, for FREE over Xbox LIVE. If you were one of the thousands that had signed up to watch the fight on December 30th, then you will be receiving a formal invitation to this Saturday’s January 14th fight. Additionally, to ensure the best customer satisfaction, Microsoft will be giving everyone who receives the email invitation a free month of Xbox Live plus their personal apology.

In today’s struggling market economy, consumers want to get more value for their purchase. In this situation, when a problem arises that disrupts the enjoyment of a product (whether it be an act of God or by the company itself), the smartest solution is to always listen to the consumers’ needs and over-compensate them with incentives to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction, which in turn will create a loyal following.

Smart business move? Personally, I think so!

Do you believe all companies, be it gaming consoles or game makers, should carry this same method and belief? Sound off on what you guys think in the comments below!


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