Details and Thoughts on “Deadlight” for the Xbox 360

February 11, 2012


Microsoft Studios’ indie developer, Tequila Works, has been hard at work developing a brand new IP titled “Deadlight.” After being in development since 2009, there has finally been some concrete news released about this exciting new IP straight from the creative director, Raúl Rubio.

Deadlight is being promoted as a AAA title with the company describing it as a “handcrafted game.” Hearing this statement alone, one can only assume that this is a project being carefully developed by the people at Tequila works. Deadlight was created to become a heavy story telling experience that revolves around a man named Randall Wayne. The story will be about a personal inner journey set in a 1952 rural town of Hope, British Columbia during an apocalyptic disaster of some sort. Just looking at some of the screenshots, you will notice the beautiful visuals and an originality to them, almost invoking an art style from Limbo or Silent Hill with a dreary dark setting.

The protagonist, Randall, was forced to grow up early having married young as well as becoming a father young. He is very much an outdoors person in touch with nature so much so that he takes a job as a park ranger. This detail will most definitely play into the type of character Randall is alongside his abilities during gameplay. The campaign is expected to be about a 5-6 hour experience which is the average length for today’s $60 title. That being said, this is still slated to be a digital release on Xbox live for less than $60. The director has also stated that  the character of Randall is very much an introvert and has a passion for crime and espionage novels which can also play out into gameplay and story.

Deadlight is expected to be released on XBLA this summer but there is a possibility that it will become a full fledged title sold in stores.  There is much emphasis that is being placed on Deadlight within the environment and world that the developers have created. Randall’s storyline is just one of many that is being written about in the game so the possibility for sequels or DLC is endless according to Raul Rubio. Rubio was asked on why the move to choose Microsoft studios to develop this new IP. Rubio responded by stating the company allowed them to have the most freedom in creating whatever they desired, while the studio took care of all the corporate red tape and headaches.

This is a project that I will be most certainly be following closely. I hope I have sparked some interest in all of you gamers as well, if you haven’t been following it already. Check back daily for the latest news and reviews and feel free to sound off on your thoughts about “Deadlight.”

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4 Comments on “Details and Thoughts on “Deadlight” for the Xbox 360”

  1. grenadeh Says:

    Getting. It seems post-apoc. is the new trend for games this year – the last few years have been zombie spam but this one looks to care more about the fact that there is an apocalypse than making that apocalypse full of zombies. The last of us, I am alive, etc. Can’t wait.


    • grenadeh Says:

      6 hours is the average length for a 60 dollar title? That’s absolutely unacceptable. In the super nintendo games you could get a game that was 60 hours of gameplay, for less than games cost now. Even in the PS2 generation games were longer than that. Sigh, i quit gaming. It’s done/


      • R17 Says:

        I do completely agree with you, in that in previous generations the amount of game play granted to a player was much longer. However despite your feelings I do not feel you should quit the gaming hobby. For the most part games today are shorter experiences than we played 15 or even 10 years ago but the stories and technologies created are much deeper and more fascinating then anything we could have imagined years ago. Therefore I think there is a trade off in a sense where developers may have created shorter tales but created deeper experiences.

    • R17 Says:

      Absolutely so far this title looks to take an old plot genre and make it fresh and original. Here is hoping Dead-light succeeds


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