Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Weekend Challenge – PS3 Players Excluded

March 16, 2012


BioWare announced today that Mass Effect 3 players will be treated to a special challenge this weekend, named Operation: Goliath. Players who are able to complete a Silver-level challenge or higher will be awarded with a Commendation Pack, containing special equipment and weapons. Additionally, if the entire Mass Effect 3 community is able to kill 1 million Reaper Brutes or more, then *everyone* will be awarded with a “Victory Pack”, another special equipment pack.

The only problem? Playstation 3 players will apparently be excluded from the challenge, due to “technical difficulties”. Unfortunate, but still an excellent opportunity for the rest of the ME3 player base.

You can read more on this challenge at the official BioWare forums:

As always, feel free to sound off about this issue in the comments below!


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3 Comments on “Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Weekend Challenge – PS3 Players Excluded”

  1. usrev2 Says:

    i fail to see the issue.. the PS3 is a pain in the ass to program for which is why 90% of multiplatform games play better and usually look better on 360.


    • argus9 Says:

      Thanks for your comment. However, multi-platform games have been proven to be marginally (if at all) different on different consoles; they all use different hardware and need to be coded to work on all of them. Only exclusive titles can make full use of a system’s unique hardware.

      Secondly, if that’s the stance BioWare took (it’s “too hard to program”), then it’s a complete cop-out. The PS3’s architecture hasn’t been a pain for most other companies to work with, and it’s no excuse.


      • Glacier928 Says:

        Very well said Argus9. I would like to further add the fact that especially now that the PS3 has been out for more than 5 years, this should not be the excuse that developers use. Had it still been within the first 2 years of the PS3’s life cycle, I’d kind of take it a bit more lightly. Whether it’s a “pain in the ass to program for” or not doesn’t entitle a company to look for an easy way out.

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