Next Gen Lies and the Hype that Follows

March 17, 2012


Microsoft’s Product Manager, David Dennis, sent an email out a few days ago to Seattle journalist Dina Bass, re-stating what his company has been trying to say for the past 5 months now. There will be no new Xbox coming out this year, nor will anything be shown related to that in the coming E3 conference in June. Again, this is the “official word” from Microsoft. However, I am not really convinced by this statement, nor should any gamer who has years of experience in the gaming world. Companies tell white lies to consumers almost on a daily basis, usually with no personal reason as it’s always purely business. Microsoft, like any other gaming company, has a responsibility to its stock holders and investors. Currently, the Xbox 360 has sold 65.8 million units as of January 2012 and the Kinect has sold over 18 million according to Microsoft Investor Relations. Looking at these numbers, it is clear to see that there’s plenty of money rolling in just on their current products and there is no real need for a new device on the scene just yet. However, in my opinion, I do think at this upcoming E3 conference there will be some mention, if not actual evidence, shown to consumers that Microsoft is indeed manufacturing their new product as we speak and will plan to release it before 4th Quarter of 2013.

There is evidence to point out that hints a new Xbox console is being developed at the moment. There has been a flurry of information that has been leaking out from the company itself as well as game developers. A few days ago, an article leaked on multiple sites with the headline “Microsoft seeks executive producer for ‘AAAA’ Xbox title.” The article was basically a job posting that’s seeking a new executive producer for a project so large, that the company is creating a new standard of gaming appropriately dubbed quadruple “A”. This is opposed to the traditional “AAA” ranking we have been accustomed to. My feeling is that if this will be the first AAAA title, it can only be done right on a new console with the latest technological advances, as well as doubling to tripling the power of the current consoles. And of course, what better way to launch a new system than having a new, fresh, high-tech, big-budget game that showcases the innovative tech and power.

Possible leaked image of part of the new Xbox

Sprinkled across the internet over the past 10 months have also been articles from developers such as EA, Infinity Ward, and EPIC games stating in various interviews that they are already working on new titles for the Wii U, new Xbox and PlayStation 4. The new Unreal Engine 4, which was unveiled last year, is clearly being prepped for the next generation of consoles. Other new powerful engines such as Square Enix’s new “Luminous Engine” and Bungie’s unnamed next-gen engine are being built and tested from as early as 2010 and 2011, likely preparing for the release of Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles (according to Nintendo’s Wii U will be the first to take advantage of some of these brand new game engines and will probably be a good indicator of what the other two consoles will be able to put out when they first release.

Well, there you have it folks. Officially, Microsoft states we will not see anything new from them in regards to hardware other than games of course. Do you guys believe them? Do you care about seeing a new Xbox at E3? Are you content with your current Xbox 360 system and in no rush to see the new Xbox console? Sound off below, be sure to vote in the poll and as always: play what you want, where you want, and enjoy!

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