PlayStation 4 Codenamed Orbis? First Rumored Details

March 28, 2012


There’s no question that there will be at least one more console generation ahead of us. We’ve heard rumors of a new Xbox codenamed “Fusion” and we’ve heard of the inevitable PlayStation 4. However, Sony’s new console may very well not carry a number alongside it. We’ve seen them take initiative already with the PS Vita (as opposed to naming it the PSP 2) and could be a good market strategy on their end. Codenamed “Orbis,” Kotaku has brought up some details that they’ve come across and seems to look somewhat solid. They reported that some developers already have their hands on early dev kits, with updated ones coming in during GDC and finalized one being prepped by the end of the year. Sony even has this web address to solidify that the system is in development:

The name may seem a bit odd, but in Sony fashion, makes a bit of sense if you dig deeper into the context. When the PlayStation Vita was rumored as the official name of the NGP, I thought about how the “V” was a roman numeral for the number “5”. The “5” stood for the 5th iteration of a portable handheld on their end. Whether they intended for that or was purely coincidence remains to be confirmed. However, Vita means “life” in latin but has the Italian spelling to it. In latin, Orbis Vitae means “Circle of Life.” This could be an indication that the PS Vita will play a much more integral part to Sony’s next home console.

As for the rumored specs of the system, the PlayStation Orbis (that name may take a while to settle in, regardless that it’s the codename) will feature an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU. Now, non-techy people are probably wondering what that means exactly. Well, for starters, the system will be able to display 3D games in full 1080p since the PS3 can only showcase them in 720p. However, for games not being played in 3D, the system will be able to push an astounding resolution of 4096×2160! Pretty amazing, right?

As usual, with the good must come the bad. First off, the source claims that Sony will not even bother incorporating backwards compatibility…at all. This may sound baffling but let’s think of it logically. When the PS3 was released in 2006, it retailed for a whopping $599 for the 60 GB model and $499 for the 20 GB model, which lacked a built-in card reader and wifi. Sony learned from their mistakes and dramatically dropped the price of the PS3 by removing the backward compatibility feature. Regardless, if you want to continue playing your PS3 games, it’s best you hang on to your system. Also, mush like the rumored “Xbox Fusion” having anti-used games protection, Sony is looking to incorporate the same thing. The source claims that every game will be tied to your PSN account and that resold copies will restrict the new owner unless a pass is purchased.

In terms of format, the system will still support Blu-ray discs but Sony is aiming to use the same strategy as with the Vita, by offering digital versions as well. This will give people a chance to either go fully digital or stick with the old-fashioned method of owning physical copies.

To wrap this all up, the Orbis is slated for release on holiday 2013. What do you guys think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 Comments on “PlayStation 4 Codenamed Orbis? First Rumored Details”

  1. RockN Says:

    I hope for Sony’s sake that this removal of used game support is untrue. Looks like my console of choice will be Wii U if it is.


  2. GlynCR Says:

    i like the look of the pad but i really don’t think we need a new system yet the 360 and ps3 are still turning out qualiity
    @RockN WiiU holds no interest for me the Wii its self was/is an awful machine the only game i wanted to play was skyward sword and in the end i found it rather disappointing not the game i wanted the last good zelda game for me was wind waker



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