Developer Limbo in Space with Star Wars Battlefront 3?

April 2, 2012


Now that Slant Six Games is not going to be behind the long rumored Star Wars Battlefront 3, all indications point to Spark Unlimited. This studio was responsible for “Turning Point: Fall of Liberty” as well as other critically mixed titles. Humorously, Slant Six however has managed to mistakenly put previous art work they did on Battlefront 3 on the “Operation Raccoon City” game disc. Recent threads on forums from Beta Games and NeoGAF detail circumstances of gamers locating pictures and files of Star Wars related content on the RE: ORC disc. There is an image depicting the Battle of Hoth and also an image of Luke Skywalker in his famed X-wing outfit. Sprinkled across the internet, there has been numerous evidence to suggest that Spark Unlimited has indeed been working on a 3rd person sci-fi shooter, including job postings that are seeking developers for exactly that. Shockingly, this project has now changed hands over four times. Starting at Free Radical (now defunct) to Pandemic (also now defunct), followed by Slant Six Games, and lastly, Spark Unlimited. Here’s hoping a developer sticks with this project and treats it with the care and creativity that the first two console entries had. It’s scary to see a project of this size change hands that many times in production stages. One can only think of Duke Nukem Forever and the developer limbo it was stuck in for over 10 years before finally being released last summer. Again, as a fan it would be comforting knowing that this title will remain with one developer till it is completed.

My question is this: Can Spark Unlimited redeem themselves after a string of critically mixed games by developing Star Wars Battlefront III, one of the most highly demanded game this generation? Do you the readers feel that all of these facts still do not prove any validity in the rumor mills? Sound off on your thoughts and feelings here and as always, “Game On!”

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