Xbox 720 Rumors Surface; Blu-Ray and Mandatory Online?

April 2, 2012


Earlier last week, I reported about possible rumors for Sony’s next console, the PlayStation Orbis. Today, VG247 stated that they received some info regarding Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox 720 (aka codename: Durango).

The first thing to state is the fact that Microsoft will be incorporating a Blu-ray drive into their latest console. It makes sense seeing as how Blu-rays store much more capacity than a DVD does. Some sources have stated that the system will contain two GPUs. As for the graphics cards, it is said be on par with the AMD 7000 series GPUs. However, it will not be similar to the “CrossFire or SLI”. Unlike dual PC setups, the GPUs of the new Xbox can work independently, doing two entirely different actions at once. The new Xbox’s CPU was also reported to contain “four or six” cores. One of the cores is already tailored specifically for the Kinect while the other is for the OS. Interestingly, the new system will have a Kinect already built in.

Now, for the one aspect that is sure to outrage many. Where as people were up-in-arms about the possibility of Sony’s anti-used games policy for the Orbis, Microsoft has taken it a step further…or in this case, a step backwards. According to the sources, the new Xbox will require you to stay online at ALL times to be able to play the system. This is essentially their way of tackling anti-piracy issues. Again, nothing here is official yet. However, should this be true, then Microsoft should prepare themselves for a hell of a backlash from the gaming community that have weak to no internet connection.

Everything stated in this article is based on the information that was stated by the sources. As of right now, the only info that can be confirmed for the most part is that Microsoft will release the console on Christmas 2013. What do you guys think? Is the mandatory online feature something that affects you? Does the system’s rumored specs excite you for what’s to come next generation? Sound off in the comments below!

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3 Comments on “Xbox 720 Rumors Surface; Blu-Ray and Mandatory Online?”

  1. Michael Grella Says:

    I hope they would still allow some xbox 360 games to be played. It really killed the Ps3 for me a first.


  2. RockN Says:

    Mandatory online? Yeah, I ain’t buying this thing if that’s true. Screw DRM.


  3. Mikael Says:

    At least Nintendo still has some sanity.


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