Call of Duty Match Ends in 911 Call

April 10, 2012


If you’ve ever played a game of Call of Duty online, no doubt you’ve seen how competitive it is, and how violently opponents might react to losing. However, according to CBS, one player took it just a little too far.

One unnamed teen was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops in his family’s Lewisville home, partied up with several friends on Xbox Live. Suddenly, he heard another player over his headset threaten to hack his account, get his information, and send police to his house. No doubt we’ve all heard threats like this in an online match here and there, but 20 minutes later, a Lewisville police station received a call from an operator with the AT&T Instant Message Relay Service, meant to allow hearing-impaired users to contact someone with a standard telephone. The operator relayed a report that someone was shot in the teen player’s home, and that someone was still inside shooting. By the time the police arrived, only the boy’s parents noticed the policemen outside, and his first reaction was that there was someone sneaking around their property. However, when the police called to the boy with a bullhorn, it was obvious they were there for him.

Scared and worried, his family retreated into the house and called 911 themselves, only to hear why the police were there. After clearing up the situation, the police have dropped all accusations against the family and are currently pursuing a subpoena to classify the incident as a false report.

Though this is certainly an extreme case for an online threat, it really points out the blatant problem with online video games; it gives people the power to behave in such a way that would probably get themselves punched in the face in a real situation, and worse, get away with it. What are your thoughts on this incident, or online behavior in general? Sound off in the comments below!


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