Wii U Rumor Madness!

April 26, 2012


With E3 right around the corner, rumors are flying everywhere about Nintendo’s upcoming next-gen console, the Wii U. However, three specific rumors are surfacing as some of the most concrete we’ve seen so far.

According to the French web site Nintendo Town, many are convinced of three things:

First, Retro Studios is working on a new Metroid title for the Wii U, and it is rumored to be using Epic Studios’ Unreal Engine 3. Team Ninja has already painted the Metroid universe in a new way, but it’d be interesting to see what Epic’s engine can do with the series, perhaps pushing it into a more realistic, gritty direction.

Second, there are rumors that Wii U will support a big push for online multimedia publishing content on the console. This is strongly indicated by hints of Nintendo negotiating with multiple companies. If so, this could push the Wii U beyond being just a gaming console, but rather as a multimedia platform. This may even lead to a deployment of the same products to the 3DS; this could give the PlayStation Vita a run for its money.

The last major rumor is that Nintendo is planning to make use of the Android operating system for the Wii U and its controller peripheral. Android has made a huge splash in the tablet market, and if the rumor is true, could provide software developers for the Wii U a lot of leeway and simplicity in developing games and applications for the console. Given Android’s Java-based foundation, it isn’t an unbelievable rumor either; Java is famed for its compatibility with many different platforms.

With E3 on the horizon, many of these rumors are sure to be proven or debunked, but it’s still exciting to think about what this new system will be capable of. Have any thoughts on the subject? Sound off below!

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3 Comments on “Wii U Rumor Madness!”

  1. rocknrogue0124 Says:

    That’s a pretty farfetched rumor, but I’ll take it. If it’s true it could prove to be quite interesting. Besides, the series could use a decently made Metroid game after Other M’s disappointing performance and sales.


    • Glacier928 Says:

      It’s a shame Metroid Other M didn’t sell well. Sure, Samus’s character in Other M’s story was nothing like who she represents but the gameplay itself was rock solid (except for the FPS aiming). Personally, I hope the new Metroid doesn’t utilize Unreal Engine 3. It’s a really overused engine and I feel every other game that comes out uses it. Retro Studios is essentially Nintendo’s new Rareware. I’m curious to see what they have up their sleeves. 🙂


  2. uconn13 Says:

    If Nintendo indeed partners with Android, I can see a huge market in the controller, playing games and apps independently or in conjunction with the system. I think this would be a great move on nintendo’s part


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