Rayman Legends Details; Coming to Wii U; Ezio a Playable Character?

April 27, 2012


Last November, Ubisoft released its exceptionally well received, yet poorly sold, Rayman Origins. Today, they’ve unveiled the sequel, Rayman Legends, which also showcases something the Wii U can do that we never imagined. Curious to what that feature is? Find out in the trailer below! Hint: It will open up numerous possibilities for developers in future games.

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4 Comments on “Rayman Legends Details; Coming to Wii U; Ezio a Playable Character?”

  1. GlynCR Says:

    well while it is a looker much nicer than origins and that was a gorgeous game the wii u stuff doesn’t appeal if i wanna play a touch screen version i’ll be grabbing the ps vita


    • rocknrogue0124 Says:

      A Vita/PS3 combo is nearly twice as much as the rumored price of the Wii U. Not to mention that it’s two different platforms while Wii U is one. I wouldn’t very many games that focus heavily on touch play since the Vita’s touch screens seem to be an afterthought.


  2. uconn13 Says:

    Game looks interesting but the actual Wii U controller concept idea, both touch screen and the ability to recognized material through the screen. WOW. This is real cutting edge technology. Some large scale tablets in the hospitality market have this capability. It will be interesting to see how far Nintendo can take this. It clearly looks like they will sell products for particular games that can help but only time will tell if they truly harness the full ability of this (i.e. The Microsoft Surface)


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