SSX Q&A Detail Overload; Traditional Multiplayer, “Big Air” Returns, Level Editor and Much More!

April 30, 2012


SSX fans were treated to a really awesome Q&A session with Todd Batty, the Creative Director of the latest SSX game. A lot of fans had legitimate questions comparing the old with the new, along with some more common concerns that fans pondered upon. Mr. Batty answered as much as he could during the three hour session and stated he would respond back to the rest of everyone’s comments tomorrow. However, what he answered was quite insightful and provides for a solid read. Todd Batty answered some questions pertaining to traditional multiplayer, freeriding, changing your music, why they opted for “rewind” instead of “reset to track”, level editor, and much more.

In terms of a traditional multiplayer, Mr. Batty answered the fact that it came down to lack of development time. The team wanted to incorporate both RiderNet and “3-2-1” online multiplayer but found that RiderNet was the best route to go for the time being. However, he’s not ruling out the option of patching in a traditional multiplayer in the future. Another question asked regarded toward the Freeride option that SSX 3 fans recall. Todd stated that the feature was in the game originally, but was cut out last minute. Again though, he’s not ruling out a possible patch to add it back in.

One complaint went in regards to the “randomized” aspect of buying items in the shop. Anytime you shop for new mods and gear, you never know what to expect really. If you’re looking for a particular board to purchase, you have to check each run to try and find certain ones. It leads to frustration for many who just want to quickly access exactly what they’re looking for. Todd was a great sport about it and whole-heartedly admitted, “ok, yes. we f***ed that up a little.” However, he then went on to add the following:

“in all seriousness, the store wasn’t built to be used the way some players want to use it. it was more intended to be something you browse each time you enter a drop and pick things up sort of as you go along. pretty terrible for anyone who goes about actually ‘trying’ to get a specific item.

i myself have suffered shop rage more than once. when in a feverish session of trying to beat one of my nemesis (Clawz) in Patagonia i decided i needed a better wingsuit and ended up spending almost 40 million credits (i went broke) just trying to spawn a legendary aerodynamic one. man, i was pissed.

so yeah, sorry. it needs some fixing. we hear you loud and clear.”

One particular feature that people asked regarded to the inability to change songs while in the middle of an event. This was a feature that every SSX had in the past and while it’s minor, more options are always welcome. Me personally, I’d love to see this added in the near future since there are certain runs where I want to listen to my “jam”. Also, I asked the question regarding why the team opted for a “rewind” mechanic as opposed to the original “reset on track” feature in previous games. As I expected, Todd responded by mentioning that the feature was easily exploited in the originals, which is true. Here’s what he said:

“this has been a pretty big debate in the community. reset to track is definitely a more user-friendly option, but it was also highly exploitable in past games. it is extremely difficult to know where to reset someone on the track to make sure they can actually recover from their mistake. in past games, for example, you could miss a jump over a gap and get reset back to a place on the track where you couldnt gain enough speed to actually make that same jump. and sometimes you could spawn forward, so just as you were about to miss a gap jump you could press select and spawn on the other side of it and actually gain time/distance.

it’s tough either way really. probably the best answer would be to never have gaps at all? 😛

definitely something we’d work on improving in the future regardless given the chance.”

Another solid question mentioned about the possibility of a level editor. Todd responded by stating the idea was thrown around early in the game’s development but decided to rule it out “due to the amount of effort it would take to build a user-friendly interface around it.” It would’ve been a great feature but I can understand it being a ton of extra work to put on the development team.

Regarding the DLC that is set for release tomorrow, Todd stated that there is one “special” drop which is the return of the “Big Air” events first introduced in SSX 3. Mr. Batty stated, “you basically hit 4 or 5 huge air jumps in quick succession…takes about 45 seconds or so then back to the top.” Does this mean we may see the return of Superpipe events in the near future as well?

Lastly, Todd replied to another Reddit user asking about the environmental themes and how the model changed a bit from SSX Tricky. Todd replied that their focus was based on providing a solid physics engine and now that they’ve done that, their main goal is set on more abstract environments such as “city tracks”. Todd stated that the team’s extremely proud of their designs for each region as they distinguish each other quite well, both aesthetically and gameplay wise.

Todd Batty wasn’t able to answer all the questions asked but promised to go back and respond to the remainder of them tomorrow. As you read his responses, you can tell he has a passion for the franchise and continues to want to further provide an experience that SSX fans have been clamoring waiting for. To see the full list of Q&A that occurred on Reddit, head over to the link!

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