EA to Shut Down Rock Band for iOS

May 2, 2012


Any fans of the Rock Band Mobile edition are in for a nasty surprise on launching the app on their iOS devices:

That’s right; without so much as an apology or an offer of reimbursement or compensation, all iOS copies of Rock Band will cease to function at the end of May. This is a shocking move, considering the game’s modest success upon its release in 2009 and the wide range of music add-ons that players could purchase from the App Store. While shutting down multiplayer game servers is nothing new, it’s surprising to see EA take it to the next level and completely shut down an entire game, especially considering the option to simply discontinue DLC content for the app. It’s more than likely they want to shift attention to their newer “Rock Band Reloaded” app, even if it’s by force. We’ve tried reaching out to EA Mobile for commentary, but have yet to hear a response. Stay tuned for updates to the story as it develops.

UPDATE: In a statement released to CNet this morning, it would appear that EA is not, in fact, shutting down Rock Band and that the message was sent out in error. One has to wonder how a message that specific can be a mistake, but at least rockers will get to keep playing on their iOS devices.

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