Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition Coming to North America? Only if You Want it to!

May 10, 2012


Remember seeing that Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition that was announced for Japan? You know, the one that costs roughly $1300 big ones. No, that’s not a joke. Well, according to a Capcom Unity blogger, Gregaman, a “Capcom Store guy” is considering bringing some of these to the US.

Now, to remind you what’s included with the Premium Edition of RE6, you’ll be getting Leon’s actual leather jacket that he wears in the game. This way, you can actually “feel” like Leon while playing as Leon. When you leave your house, you can feel free to dive out windows and roundhouse kick people the way Leon does. Who wouldn’t want this jacket?!

All joking aside, does that justify the $1300 price tag? Personally, I think it’s cheaper if you just find a similar jacket at Burlington Coat Factory while picking up RE6 the same day, if you’re really looking to get Leon’s leather jacket. However, if you can “pony up the dough” (as Jake says in the first RE6 trailer), then all power to you.

What do you guys think? Should this Premium Edition be brought stateside? What do you think the appropriate price point would be for this? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

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2 Comments on “Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition Coming to North America? Only if You Want it to!”

  1. Michael Grella Says:

    Im a huge fan of Resident Evil but even I would not pay $1300 for a game.


  2. Michael Grella Says:

    I would love a new Tenchu to make it stateside its been way to long.


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