Top 10 First-Person Shooters of All Time

May 13, 2012

Top 10

First Person Shooters are one of the most beloved, yet over-saturated genres currently in the gaming industry. While there are a lot of great ones out there, there are an exceptional bunch that stand out over the others. Here are my personal favorites in the industry that truly stood out:

10) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas

Ubisoft welcomed gamers with the tactical FPS, Rainbow Six Vegas, when it hit the market back in the Fall of 2006. With it’s hybrid of FPS mechanics and TPS cover system, you got a nice blend that gave gamers something different from your typical FPS. Couple that with some great environmental design, strong soundtrack and gripping story, with an ending no one sees coming, and you’ve got a stellar game here that FPS fans owe themselves to play.

9) Doom 64

Doom has always been a sweet FPS that many hold dear to them. However, what set Doom 64 apart from the prior installments was the creepy mood it captured. Environments were much more expansive than ever before and the audio really set a strikingly creepy vibe. In the previous ones, you’d have bumpin’ rock tunes to listen to while shooting away at mutants. This one had you sitting tensely thanks to atmospheric tunes that set your mind in a more “horror” mentality. It was still the same game we grew to love, only evolved into a horror state.

8) Half-Life 2

When it comes to FPSs, Valve is certainly known for providing groundbreaking experiences and that came with Half-Life. We had never seen or played any game like it before and to this day, still stands out as a revolutionary experience. Many years later, after much hype and demand, Valve released the highly anticipated sequel, Half-Life 2, to much critical and consumer reception. Implementing a whole new physics engine that had never been seen before, along with a gripping narrative, Half-Life 2 set out to create a new standard in FPSs and did exactly that.

7) BioShock

“Son, you were born to do great things…” Upon hearing that line, the airline you’re on begins to malfunction and crashes in the ocean. As you swim to the surface, you look at the remnants of plane, astounded by the visuals Irrational Games achieved. BioShock easily has a lot going for it. Set in alternate 1960s era, you’ll be greeted with a mystifying narrative, outstanding visuals, strong environment designs, fine-tuned combat and some of the best water effects seen in a game to date. The city of Rapture was a joy to explore as you never knew what to expect next.

6) Resistance: Fall of Man

To start off, Insomniac Games is one of my favorite developers. Granted, I never really got around to playing the Spyro games on PS1 but I started with their Ratchet & Clank titles on PS2 and damn, were those flawless games. At the release of the PS3, there’s no denying that there was a lack of solid titles to pick up alongside the pricey system…except for Insomniac’s “Resistance: Fall of Man”. Not only was it the best PS3 launch title, it was one of the best FPSs ever created. Solid visuals, a mystifying story, tight gameplay, lengthy campaign, intense 32 player online mode, suspenseful soundtrack and some of the best sound effects in a shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man is one FPS that should not have been missed.

5) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

While Call of Duty is turning into a mundane yearly affair for many, there was a recent time where we didn’t trash on the game as much. COD4: MW was simply the best one as it wasn’t too heavily structured as being a mindless shooter. Easily the best campaign in the series, it also had the most polished and fine tuned multiplayer. As the series went on, they aimed for a “more is better” approach on multiplayer which in turn, made the series become a turn off to many die-hard fans of COD4.

4) Turok 2

Turok 2 is the definition of how an FPS adventure is done right. Brilliant weapons, sharp visuals, environments full of detail, phenomenal cinematic soundtrack and finely tuned shooting mechanics. This game would eat up an easy 20-40 hours just to get through the rich campaign. After this installment, the franchise fell from grace with the questionable Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, atrocious Turok: Evolution and mediocre reboot that hit the current gen simply known as Turok.

3) Perfect Dark

Another stellar FPS to hit the N64 (and later with an HD remaster on XBLA) was toward the end of the system’s lifecycle. Perfect Dark pushed the visuals of the N64 beyond anything thought imaginable on the system at the time. It built upon and perfected the gameplay mechanics made for GoldenEye and had a ton of content to take on. Awesome weaponry, outstanding soundtrack, a mostly solid campaign (starts amazing but begins to feel a bit jarring towards the end), one of the most robust multiplayers that still competes with today’s standards, and flawless mechanics made this an FPS that couldn’t be missed.

2) GoldenEye 007 (N64)

No matter how you put it, GoldenEye was one of the pinnacles of FPSs to ever grace gamers. At the time, there was really nothing quite like it. A solid campaign that made players complete a variety of objectives, along with an untouchable 4-player multiplayer that provided for some of the most memorable moments when playing with friends. The game added further complexity by adding cheats to unlock by completing missions on specific difficulties while speed running them. Simple unlocks consisted of the infamous DK Mode and Paintball Mode, but truly skilled players could unlock Invincibility by completing the Facility level on 00 Agent in under 2:10, which is incredibly impressive.

1) TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 was developed by the same team that was behind the flawless GoldenEye 007 back on the N64 but also behind the game that shut them down, Haze. Regardless, TimesSplitters 2 had it all. An over-the-top, fun campaign, deep and fully customizable multiplayer and a full-blown Map Maker so that you can not only make your own multiplayer maps for you and your friends to duke it out on, but also create Single Player missions! Top this with nostalgic mechanics from GoldenEye, a brilliant soundtrack and a rock solid 60 fps and you’ve got a package that is truly astonishing.

Did you play these titles? If so, which ones were your favorites? Sound off in the comments below!

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27 Comments on “Top 10 First-Person Shooters of All Time”

  1. Dom Says:

    Nice to see halo and resistance not there!


    • Dom Says:

      My bad, Resistance is there. oh well


      • Rob Says:

        Resistance shouldn’t be on that list, but Halo:CE should. Halo: Combat Evolved revolutionized online shooters as a whole and was a pioneer on successful online gaming in consoles. Also, I think Metroid Prime and Crysis should be on the list for Rainbow Six Vegas and Turok 2. Don’t get me wrong, both are good games, but Prime and Crysis are way better. Just an opinion though.

      • Glacier928 Says:

        Good comment Rob. This is one of the most constructive responses on the article so far so I thank you for that.

        Resistance was a game that I recall very fondly. I spent countless hours replaying the game’s campaign and multiplayer back when the PS3 launched for a solid 6 months. I wanted to actually add Metroid Prime to the list but it is considered a First Person Adventure title according to Nintendo, which technically doesn’t make it an FPS. Crysis was a game that I felt was overhyped, in my opinion. Nothing about it (aside from the visuals) appealed to me and felt very generic gameplay-wise. Again, that’s just my take on it. Thanks again for the read/comment!

      • otherzinc Says:

        It is clearly obvious this author is retarded! I’m laughing hysterically at this list.

        Bioshock, Rainbow Six, Half-Life, & Doom should be near the top: NOT BEHIND A GAME THAT SHOULDNT BE THERE AT ALL “resistance” LMAO.

        And…Halo is obviously missing. Even the most retarded & ignorant of fanboys wouldnt omit Halo. This idiot must be a new species of moron.

        This article made my day, thanks.

      • Glacier928 Says:

        First off, I want to thank you for taking an interest in reading this article. However, I feel that your comment was one that was entirely unnecessary and full of hatred for no good reason. Let me clarify that this Top 10 list, as I clearly stated at the opening paragraph, is strictly my opinion. I’m not shoving anything down any readers’ throats stating, “these are the only amazing FPSs and there’s no ‘if’s, and’s or but’s’ about it!” I stated my opinion, whether you agree or disagree (and evidently you did more than disagree).

        I didn’t put Halo on here because personally, I truly disliked that game. Aside from the somewhat entertaining multiplayer, I was bored out of my mind playing through the campaigns. Yes, it set a standard for console FPSs, but I’m not going to sit here and praise a game that I didn’t find all that memorable in my personal Top 10 list. Resistance is there because I loved the game, as I stated in my comment response to Rob. That’s fine that you don’t agree with my list, as it’s to be expected since everyone has their “own” opinions. However, you took it to a whole new level by getting into a state of unnecessary defense. You make it sound like it offended you, which I can’t seem to understand.

      • otherzinc Says:


        Oh, absolutely! You should have offended any gaming historian or anyone that takes gaming seriously.

        You dont like Halo, fine. However, dont tell readers Halo isn’t precise in every mechanic in a shooter that have yet to be matched to this very day:
        Co-op play.
        Collision detection.
        Vehicle play.
        And the list goes on with facts no one can hide from. Those are examples of something that has no opinion, its facts of a terrific game. You’ve done a disservice to your readers; you cant be trusted. Also, I should not have called you names at all.

      • Glacier928 Says:

        I never once told my readers that Halo “isn’t precise” as you put it. As a matter a fact, I didn’t mention Halo at all, good or bad. Instead, you’re insisting on pushing “facts” about Halo when I stated numerous times that it’s not my personal choice for my Top 10. That’s fine that you love Halo, but this list isn’t about the “Top 10 FPSs that Changed the Industry for the General Public”. I simply wanted to share my personal thoughts on what MY favorite FPSs are. Yes, Halo had some great gameplay mechanics. But ultimately, I thought the game wasn’t memorable. Honestly, Halo doesn’t stand out for me and that’s my personal opinion. Everything is about opinion. You’re trying very hard for some questionable reason to shove facts in here.

        Also, you’re right. You shouldn’t have called me names at all as it rendered your comment entirely immature and childish at best. Everyone has their opinions and they are entitled that. This cannot be a “disservice to my readers”, as I must reiterate, that this was my personal opinion. It was by no means trying to dissuade any gamer from their personal favorites. This was purely my gaming experience and preferences. I failed to make the connection of me or my site not being “trusted” based on a single writer’s opinion expressing his beliefs on a single topic. There’s no such things as “facts” when it comes to gaming because everyone has their own opinions on the matter.

  2. vlad Says:

    this is prob 1 of the worst lists i have ever seen u should be banned from posting


    • Glacier928 Says:

      I should be “banned from posting”? Why? Because you don’t agree with my personal opinion? Nothing here that I stated is fact, just my personal take.


      • Jonas Says:

        You really dont have to defend yourself against these whining internet trolls. It was a fun read, although I personally would have had Half Life 2 at the number 1 spot.

      • Glacier928 Says:

        Thanks Jonas! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  3. Kain Says:

    A top FPS list with Doom 64 and no Halo games? Sorry, but Doom 64 isn’t as good as the original ones and the Halo games are so damn good I replay all they’re campaigns every year.

    Oh and through out Resistance to make room for Quake.


    • Glacier928 Says:

      I respect your opinion. However, Halo was a game that never struck a chord with me, as I stated in a response to Otherzinc’s questionable comment. I was always incredibly bored playing them and never found anything “extraordinary” about it.

      The original Doom is a real classic, no question there. I personally enjoyed Doom 64 just a bit more which is why I chose to put that over the original Doom. Regardless, the recognition is there for it.

      Quake was another awesome FPS that deserves recognition. However, I wouldn’t say it’s in my personal Top 10. Most definitely in my Top 20 though. 😛


  4. Alex Says:

    I was so when i saw time splitters up ther that is truly my favorite shooter ever of all time also! i wish they would remake them for the new consoles. Great list!! 😀


  5. Mandrake Says:

    Wow, somebody has almost same taste as me, but this should be named: “Top 10 orginal, climatic and revolutionizing FPS-es of all time”. I think every game on that list is more than worth playing it, and many of them aren’t too mainstream (Doom 64, Turok 2, Rainbow Six: Vegas). Every fps lover should play all that games, especialy if he missed some of that titles, and now they are old and probably archaic.
    Kudos for reminding some great titles.


  6. JasonR1rider Says:

    Resistance was my first ever FPS, this game hooked me, I have played nothing but FPS games since. Great article I agree with most of your opinions. COD 4 loved it, have played every COD game since.


    • Glacier928 Says:

      Thanks JasonR1Rider! I’m glad to hear you agreed with most of my choices! Resistance really was an amazing game. Thanks again for giving the article a read!


  7. mike Says:

    I would put Half Life 2 Deathmatch at Number 1 spot.


  8. JoeSpinelli20 Says:

    First off let me say that this is a great list of FPS’s and even though you clearly state that this is “your own personal opinion” I am glad to say that at least 7 out of your 10 games match my list that I would have chosen. However it is definitely a sad day for gaming when I CLEARLY see certain individuals are reacting in such a hostile and immature way to an article such as this. Certain individuals like this some call trolls, I call them Angry *NERDS* but who’s to say what the proper name is to classify these sub human persons. Anyway great article and its refreshing to see a writer who has views different from the masses and can respond to ignorance and stupidity in a well educated and calm demeanor. Keep it up GamersXtreme 🙂


  9. John Smith Says:

    This is a lame list! Where is wolfenstein?!! Original Half Life was the BEST – Soldier of fortune should be here, far better than COD and all that other horse s***!


  10. Giuseppe.R Says:

    WOW Im just reading all the hate comments now and I really am stunned! For 21 years I have been an avid gamer and there was always arguing and differences of opinion but never to this degree of ignorance. From what I gather everybody’s pants are getting twisted because of their personal favorite FPS not being on there!? Really so now we want to go on websites where we only want to see what we like and what believe or feel!? What happen to personal opinion and freedom of expression!? This is a gaming website! This is a topic about “one” persons ideas or beliefs relating to a gaming experience! This is not life or death or anything close to it! Its just “video games” Please I would implore all of the negative gamers who have commented here to please take breath and relax everything will be fine and after this article you can resume your mundane lives of living with your parents and praying to HALO shrines and statues of Master Chief and green helmets! Aside from the ignorant masses this was truly a great article!


  11. uconn13 Says:

    All great games i enjoyed


  12. JOjo Says:

    Um, clearly opinion…..but my opinion is this is the dumbest crap I have heard in awhile and I listen to Obama speak…..


  13. Grumpy Says:

    Counter Strike?


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