GameFly Video Ad Pokes Fun at GameStop

May 14, 2012


There’s no denying that Gamestop loves to rip you off when it comes to trading your games back in. They give you absolute crap for your money/credit back. You buy a brand new game the week it comes out at full price and immediately, it’s only worth a quarter of what you paid. Make sense? Not quite.

The best alternate to avoiding getting ripped off is to test out GameFly and honestly, their latest advertisement takes a legitimate stab at GameStop’s laughable trade-in policy. It’s a very clever and humorous advertisement. Check it out!


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3 Comments on “GameFly Video Ad Pokes Fun at GameStop”

  1. Frozen Says:

    I laughed during this video lol! I applaud GameFly for just being clever with this one. I may have to switch to GameFly now lol.


    • Glacier928 Says:

      Yeah, GameFly did an excellent job with this advertisement. GameFly really is an outstanding service. Also, they always hold awesome specials to buy used games (which are always in immaculate condition) at very low prices. I just picked up Silent Hill HD Collection for $16 and the game hasn’t even been out for 2 months!


  2. Donna Says:

    The ad agency that created this Gamefly commercials needs to be paid DOUBLE!! IT IS HILARIOUS!! Gamefly also has another one I believe where the patrons are kids. Great job and tag line– Gamefly before you buy!!


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