New Dead Space 3 Screens Give Possible Details on Plot

May 31, 2012


E3 is now just four days away and with that has come a flurry of information. I am happy to report that there are numerous sites claiming that Dead Space 3 will be making an offical apperance at EA’s conference. Today however, there was some early and much appreciated release of some gorgeous screenshots of gameplay. Each of these screenshots gives off certain details that no doubt reflect the games plot. One screenshot clearly shows Issac and a second unnamed character in a more war-torn armor, possibly due to a fierce battle.

Another shot shows Isaac and the unnamed character aiming down the sights at what appears to be a solider. Two conclusions can be drawn from this image. First off is that there is indeed some sort of  “co-op” implemented in this game. Second, it appears Necromorphs will not be the only enemies anymore.

There is an image of Isaac with his mask off, sporting a graying beard and longer hair which are definite signs of an older, more mature character indicating some time has passed since the second game. For a fan who has been with Dead Space since it was first announced in 2007, it is a treat to see a character age over time, especially having played as him through the years.

Lastly, there’s an image of Isaac holding a new type of fierce looking assault rifle with a large tube-like attachment underneath, possibly a grenade launcher. This would seem that maybe the series is going for a more action and explosive-oriented weaponry as opposed to the first two.

Finally, in multiple screenshots, we see Issac having a ring of fur around his neck on top of the armor with snow sprinkled on it, which reminded me of the suits in Killzone 3. This is most certainly a sign of a completely new snow environment, never seen before in previous Dead Space games.

Well, there you have it guys. Screenshots that offer some thought provoking details and possibilities on where this series can and might go for its highly anticiapted third installment. Sound off on what you all feel about these images! Good, bad or indifferent, we want to hear your voices!

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