“Wii U Could Get People to Pay Attention to Console Games Again”

September 27, 2012


Yosuke Hayashi, the director of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, certainly seems excited for the upcoming release of Nintendo’s new Wii U console, and for good reason.

According to Hayashi, the Wii U’s Game Pad, which boasts a large number of cutting-edge (no pun intended) features, is just one piece of the puzzle.

“The biggest difference compared to other Nintendo hardware released until now is that it is not trying to complete with ‘only one’ feature,” said Hayashi. “Obviously, the Wii U GamePad is a huge feature, but the Wii U isn’t only about that. There’s the hardware performance, network capabilities and, of course, the titles that fully utilise these aspects. From this all-encompassing gaming abilitity I get the impression that this hardware could get many people to pay attention to console games once again.”

He goes on to comment about the MiiVerse, Wii U’s planned social networking platform.

“The biggest change of direction from the Wii would be the Miiverse. It’s usually introduced as a social networking tool, but I feel it has the potential to become a kind of virtual amusement park for game fans. With SNS [Social Networking Sites] making a lot of unique advancements, as a gamer, I am excited to see how the Miiverse will grow within the realm of console games.”

The Wii U is certainly shaping up to be an impressive console, but it’s good to see developers are getting behind it as much as consumers are. We can already see Wii U-enhanced remakes of recent game releases are on the way, including Mass Effect 3, but if developers harness the added abilities of the Wii U, we could be on the verge of an entirely new game experience.

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