Marcello Apostolico (Glacier928) – Founder/Creator/Editor-in-Chief

Marcello is the founder, creator and editor-in-chief of GamersXtreme. His dedication and passion shows as he keeps gamers informed with daily news articles and provides truthful, honest opinions on all gaming related news. Having experience with video game design, as well as over 20 years of gaming under his belt, Marcello has always had a massive interest in the gaming society. Originally, he created GamersXtreme in the style of a magazine back in middle school. Today, he has taken what was created as a basic premise and has evolved it into the site it is today.


Maurizio Apostolico (MJA42X) – Senior Editor

Maurizio is an avid gamer with an active interest in the gaming community, as well as a journalist for GamersXtreme. With over 25 years of gaming experience, as well as possessing a background in video game design, Maurizio provides thoughtful and knowledgeable articles that pertain to the latest news, reviews and opinions that are associated with today’s market.



Anthony Reda (R17) –  PR Liaison/Writer

Anthony is currently the public relations liaison for GamersXtreme. Throughout his childhood, gaming has been his passion, starting from the original NES, right up to this current generation of consoles. Having worked on a previous gaming website prior to joining GamersXtreme, Anthony is a well-seasoned journalist with a unique perspective and take on this generation of gaming. He strives to research and write about news and reviews that are purely unbiased or one sided.



Jonathan Zisser (Argus9/Argus9Z) – Managing Editor

Jonathan ‘Argus9’ Zisser has been an avid gamer for over 20 years. His early years of playing the NES with his father helped springboard his interest in gaming, and has eventually matured into an avid following for the gaming industry. Studying Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University also gave him insight into the more technical side of video games. A passionate writer as well, Jonathan loves conveying his experiences and opinions by creating engaging articles as often as possible. More often than not, he tries to break down today’s industry and write editorials that make his readers think.

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