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Top 10 PSN/XBLA Downloadable Titles

May 20, 2012


Over the course of this console generation’s life-cycle, we’ve seen a ton of downloadable titles hit both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Currently owning over 140 downloadable games available for both platforms, I’ve decided to sort through my catalog of titles and list which ones are entirely worth the purchase. It’s important to […]

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Top 10 First-Person Shooters of All Time

May 13, 2012


First Person Shooters are one of the most beloved, yet over-saturated genres currently in the gaming industry. While there are a lot of great ones out there, there are an exceptional bunch that stand out over the others. Here are my personal favorites in the industry that truly stood out: 10) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six […]

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Top 10 Retail Titles for Under $20 this Generation

March 14, 2012


There’s no question that this current generation has provided some truly astonishing games. However, there are still those who may have missed out on must-play titles or are just now getting into this console generation. With that perspective, I’ve compiled a list of titles that can be nabbed for the mere price of a Jackson. […]

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Top 10 Hardest/Most Rewarding Gaming Challenges

January 18, 2012


Many will say games are meant to be played for enjoyment. Others are masochistic and love their gaming challenges, no matter how extreme and demanding the game may be. We’ve all had our share of moments where not only did we play a game on the hardest difficulty, we’ve completed certain stipulations to unlock bonuses […]

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Top 10 Nintendo GameCube Soundtracks

August 28, 2011


The Nintendo GameCube will always remain one of my favorite consoles to date.  It had some truly great titles along with some of the best exclusives during it’s time period.  Let’s take a look at my top 10 favorite soundtracks on the GameCube after a decade of it’s release. – F-Zero GX F-Zero GX was […]

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Top 10 PSOne Soundtracks

August 21, 2011


Sony’s PlayStation was first introduced to households in 1995 and took the market by storm.  Within roughly nine years, it shipped over 100 million units and had a library of over 2400 titles (worldwide).  It was clear that Sony was extremely successful with their first home console.  With so many great titles that are still […]

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Top 10 Nintendo 64 Soundtracks

August 7, 2011


The Nintendo 64 was revolutionary upon it’s release in 1996.  It was the first time we got to play a 3D platformer on a console that truly redefined the way we play games today.  The N64 had a ton of great titles…but which ones had the best soundtracks?  Let’s find out what my personal top […]

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Top 10 Super Nintendo Soundtracks

July 31, 2011


Alright everyone, the most requested “Top 10” list is finally here.  To many, the Super Nintendo is considered one of, if not, the best console ever made.  Time to find out if your games made my list.   – Donkey Kong Country Rareware’s flagship franchise for the SNES, Donkey Kong Country is widely considered as […]

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Top 10 SEGA Genesis Soundtracks

July 24, 2011


Sega Genesis, a console that rivaled the Super Nintendo and truly started the concept of “Console Wars” (nowhere near as bad as it is today with the PS3 vs 360 though).  The Sega Genesis had some really excellent games with exceptional soundtracks, as well as some terrible games that still maintained great soundtracks.  This week’s […]

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Top 10 NES Soundtracks

July 17, 2011


NES…the console that truly redefined gaming.  The NES had some true classics that will remain in many people’s memories.  However, I’ve always been one who’s paid attention to game soundtracks when I played my games since I was a little kid.  The games listed below are distinguished by having some of the best music in […]

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